So you wanna WIN a BLOG+SITE?

kimtown is giving one lucky person a brand new BLOG+SITE!! To enter to win, you simply have to do TWO things…

1. Leave a comment below about what you would change about your current site

2. Send me an EMAIL with a link to your current site, your first and last name, your studio name, contact email address, how you found kimtown and tell me why you need a blog+site. Make SURE you put BLOG+SITE ENTRY in the subject line, so it goes to the right place!!!
Send all entries to entries {at}

The winner will be chosen at the end of the month and will get a brand new style of blog+site.

In the mean time…Stay tuned for big things in the next few months!!

79 Replies to “So you wanna WIN a BLOG+SITE?”

  1. I would love to update my blog so that it displayed larger pictures, and wasn’t so cramped looking. I’ve never found a template I was 100% happy with that didn’t cost a fortune 🙂

  2. Hmmm…Well, I can’t really change anything about my website, until I actually have one!!!!
    I’m hoping to come up with a business name (it is taking me a long time to debate!) in the next week, then I need to start putting together a website…it would sure be nice to win one for free!!!

  3. We’ve been in business for almost 9 years and are amazingly still having a blast. We changed our website about 2 years ago and have been happy thusfar, however, i’m always up for a change. Keeps us fresh/creative!
    Bill & Sheree Ramsey

  4. Well, First thing I’d like to do is update it with my new look. My website and blog don’t match at all and they both need a professional look. My website looks slapped together. I’d also like my blog to actually function like it should… right now I have a few issues that I can’t figure out. I think it’d be cool to actually have a blog-site where it was all in one place.

  5. Hi Kim! I need something fresh, something different and something that feels like me. A blog and site shows off my work and my personality. I’d like to be simple and easy to use. Thanks!

  6. I’d like my site to reflect my personality more. My blog and site don’t match; one is clean with small images. The other is vintage with larger images. My blog has my most current sessions so I kind of feel my site isn’t reflective of my current work. Maybe if you entered my site via the blog????
    Also a better way for clients to access or request session info. I currently mail out an info quad card. I’d love to go green and have them automatically directed to info.

    You know when you just can’t do anything with your hair, that’s how I feel about my current site.
    I’m ready for a new ‘do’

  7. What a great giveaway! I don’t currently have a site, although it’s on my list of things to do as soon as I can afford it. I have a blog, but it needs to look more professional, and I have no clue how to do that! I would love to have a nice looking site and matching blog all put together so I look like I know what I’m doing! 🙂

  8. I have been pretty bored with my current setup and have been considering combining them into a blogsite. Frankly, I don’t have the expertise to do it and it has been holding me back. My website and blog are both functional but it would be nice to have something different than what everyone else has. I feel like I don’t stand out in the crowd, you know?

  9. I’ve got to get my hands on one of your blog sites!!

    Here are my top five reasons:
    1. Your blog sites are fully searchable

    2. You can integrate the Flash Palette Viewer for my albums

    3. Your blog site will allow me to have control over my site rather than being locked into a limiting template!

    4. I want to get clients a reason to keep coming back to my site–the blog portion of the site will give them a reason to do this and a chance to view my recent work.

    5. I’m all about being green! Your blog site allows me to have Machform Forms! helllloooo-need I say more?!

  10. I’ve been using a free template from FP for a couple of years now and I’ve finally purchased a flash template from FP to update all my photos, info, etc. I just haven’t had the time to update it yet (it will be done before the start of my wedding season next month).

    As for my blog….I LOVE to blog. I use my blog as a personal AND business together. This way, family/friends can see what I’ve been up to business-wise and my clients (or potential clients) can get to know me on a more personal level.

    I would love a blog that isn’t a “template” so to speak as they all are for wordpress (the free ones, anyways). I wish it was more me, more creative, unique and would stand out from the rest. =)

  11. I need a new blog because mine is something I quickly put together. I just purchased a website template from bludomain and am currently in the process of putting it together to get ready for my studio opening at the beginning of May. The blog is very important to my business because I live in a very rural community and thrive on word-of-mouth advertising. With the blog, I’m able to keep the community up to date on all my sessions and also for the clients to be able to share a sneak peek with their friends and family!

  12. OMG does my blog ever need a new look. I have a blog but it’s not “attached” to my site. I’d like to have them connected AND matching. I’d like a nice fresh & funky look. I’d like them to be user friendly.

  13. Thanks for the opportunity, Kim! I have a blogsite that I’ve put together, but it’s not finished and I never seem to find enough time in the day to get it to a point where it’s ‘finished’ or reasonably finished!

  14. I have been wanting to redo my website to a blogsite and get a new photocart but cannot do both at this time. I love your blogsites and would be sooo excited to offer my clients a “one stop” web presence! What an awesome give away! The main thing I would redo is make it more friendly for mobile phone browsing since I myself cannot see my site on my iPhone!

  15. What a great contest! I’ve always loved the idea of a customized website and blog. I’m currently using a template tha certainly works, but it doesn’t set you apart from other photographers. I’d be thrilled to work with Kimtown to create something that is unique and tailored! I’ve tried working with a wordpress template before, but it was just not something I have the time to learn. I need to stay focused on photography, not web design!

  16. Well you know why I need a new blogsite! I just want to get out of the template rutt and your stuff is so amazing! I want to be able to take care of my website myself. And having one of these awesome blogsites would do that for me. It would give me control and allow me to finally take that step out of the super easy template editors and make the jump to being a website “Grown Up”. I want to create a place that has everything so my clients and friends can find everything in one place. This would be the perfect way! Just one amazing site!

  17. What a great opportunity!! I have been researching for weeks how to “fix” my blog. I wanted to test it out on my personal blog before I EVER attempted a professional one, because I was going to to it all myself. I need bigger pictures, a better header, and more character!!!

  18. Oh Kim… great a gift you are giving!!! I actually really like my site….I really like my blog….I just want one! The reason I haven’t gone to the blog+site concept is because I have never been a fan of a standard blog being a website…I want it to stand out, be different. Your sites do just that!!! It would be great to be able to customize a kimtown site for my very own to show off and be different than everyone around me.

  19. I currently have a seperate website and blog. I think life would be a lot easier if they were combined into one easy to use site. I need a photocart system and the one that comes with my site isnt user friendly. My blog is OK but not easy to put images on at all. I love the idea of a website+blog!

  20. we are friends from ProPhotogs and then Facebook.

    I used to be so creative when it came to websites, but I have discovered that with 5 children, two married to marines serving in Iraq, two in cub scouts, that my time has gone by the way side. I have spread myself way to thin. So while I fill yet another box of trail mix and baby wipes for Al Falujah, and guide 8 little cubbies towards their merit badge, I defer to someone that is much more creative and artistic than myself.

  21. Kim,
    I am so thrilled about the oppurtunity to enter this contest! I currently have a blogger blog and do not have a website. I am just starting out and it would be such a blessing to have such a fabulous designer create my site. I dont have an eloborate explination as to why to choose me, simply put your the best and it would be an honor to have you design it.

  22. Okay, so I recently updated my blog and moved to WordPress. I love it there and I blame you for being so positive about it because really, it is a great place for blogs. I love what I have right now, but what I dont have is a website. I’d much rather have an all in one kind’ve deal, where I can use my blog as and my website instead of just my blog. But I have no idea where to actually begin. That’s why I’d love to win one from you because, 1. your style rocks my socks and 2. you are so good at what you do it seems almost like it’s easy for you. :).

  23. I would love to have a new blog!! I tried to do my best with the one I have right now, but it needs the touch of a Professional Designer. I started my business two years ago, and I am in need of a lot of help!! a “new blog” would be a great way to present my work to my potential clients!!:)

  24. WOW! Thanks for doing this! There are a few things I would like to change about my site: 1) when you are on the home page I want you to see the three different styles we have: 1 for seniors, 1 for children, and 1 for weddings. I like the site for the most part. On the blog, the way it archives them is awful. I do not have any links at the top to go back to my site, and I don’t have those cute little icons that link to your facebook, twitter, etc.

  25. Thanks for this super cool contest and opportunity!!
    While I am happy with my blog and website for my child portrait business I would like to start doing boudoir photography.
    I want to keep these totally separate from one another so I will be needing a whole new look!!

  26. How generous of you Kim! I’m currently just using blogger as my website, and I purchased a site from blu that I’m still working on getting up and running. What i would change is I would have a separate blogsite for my weddings. I want something totally hip and unique that will showcase my work in a professional manner, yet still be personal which is exactly what a blogsite would do!

  27. I am a new and upcoming photographer whom can never seem to make changes to and/or improve my web site look/style and I SO want and need a Blog site, blogs are so in right now I’ve got to get one started just between working a full time m-f job, staying busy every weekend with sessions as well as being a Mother and Wife to my family, I have no time to do this – UGH!! If I’m not taking photos, I’m on the computer every night working on them and I’ve got to get sleep too right? Ha!! Anyway, It would help my business to be more successful if I had a new style to back up my work. I want Hip, Cool and something that jumps out at clients as soon as the site comes up. And Blog is the way to go these days! I myself never visit web sites anymore, always go straight to the blog. Please help me to grow my business on the most awesome tool for communication – The Net!

  28. I’ve been in the photog biz for almost three years but without a site. Just recently I started a blog but want to get a duo blog/site up and running! My blog is oh so boring and drab, I’d love bright,colorful wallpaper with a splash slideshow at the top with my logo. Links for twitter,archives etc. would be great! Basically, bright,bold and beautiful! Your work is amazing,thanks for offering this. This would be a huge blessing!

  29. I recently paid someone to create a blog and client site for me. I shoulda known the deal was too good to be true. After much trouble, and $250 additional dollars (after I’d confirmed that the intial fee was *it*) I have a blog up and running. It’s not perfect and it’s not what I was promised, but it’s better than the blogger homejob I’d had before. Now, my client site is still sitting out there doing nothing. Very frustrating. I don’t know lickity spit about these things so I have no idea how to get it going. It sure would be nice to have someone who knows what they’re doing come in and fix it all up for me! I have the webhost (for three years), the domain name and an idea of what I want. Just don’t know how to get from here to there.

  30. I’m planning to specialize in Maternity portraits only. So my website needs a total makeover. I will also be changing my logo and blog, both of which I plan to have designed. My biggest challenge with my website is my splash page. Right now it’s very boring!

  31. Hi Kim. Big fan, love following your antics on twitter and on sites like the pro4um.

    I like the mechanics of web design. The code, scripting languages, etc. However, have an extreme lack of talent when it comes to the graphic design and layout.

    Purchased a blu site – if it weren’t so danged slow I would kind of like it. Running wordpress with the elegant grunge theme like a bazillion other photographers.

    Bottom line – what would I change. Everything. I really like the look feel of the blog/site but to dumb to pull it off on my own.

    Thanks for the opportunity!

    – Jim

  32. I am SO new to the whole blogging thing and there is so much I would change about my current blog! Right now I post about my two wonderful children and random things I photograph. I have been shooting weddings on the side for a couple years now and have been investigating the ins and outs of starting a photo business. If that develops, I’ll definitely need a more professional site, and one that easily allows me to share my work separate from just the shots of my kids. I also want to be able to allow customers to view their photos securely on the site. Thanks so much for the opportunity to win an awesome prize like this!

  33. Hey Kim 🙂 I’ve been perusing Phaunt and your VIP speaker month all night long trying to revamp my site. I came across your post about this contest and so here I am. I’ve been MIA from Phaunt and photography for a month or two due to some personal reasons… anyways I want to get back on the wagon which means I need to boost my business. I’m starting with my site because that seems to make the most sense. I like my site, but it’s just not jazzy enough I don’t think. I don’t have the SEO thing going on, (still) don’t really understand what that is. The “meta” and “html” business baffles me, I literally get a headache when trying to figure this out. Remember how I said I’ve been reading your old VIP posts all night? well, been reading the google links you sent, too, and I still feel fuzzy. I was just about to call it quits and was debating whether or not to have a beer while I read myself to sleep. 🙂 Gawd this is a long comment…. see ya.

  34. Wow – this is pretty neat. Thanks Kim for helping out one of us! So I just started my biz and I’m super excited, just got the logo woot! The main reason I wanted to try this was because I actually don’t have a site up – AND when you do type in my website address, since my biz name is laughing ant ( the page is parked courtesy of the host with links to pest control services AHHHHHHH HELP! HAHA – Seriously, I have got to get something up there – and since I’m a fan of your designs I thought let’s give it a go! So what would I change? Everything because nothing is there yet! – Meg

  35. My husband and I have a small photography business that is ever-growing. Currently our “website” is just a generic blog. We need something more professional and more personable, a place where we can truly share what we’re all about. Thanks for this generous opportunity!

  36. I currently have a blog through blogspot. It’s not at all what I want. I can’t complain because I didn’t pay for it however, it’s still not at all what I want it to be. I am currently having problems posting to the blog. I have not been able to post in almost a week. They did some updates and now mine as well as others are not working correctly. I have put quite a bit of money into my business recently and just really don’t have the funds for a custom blog right now. Thank you for the contest! I think it’s a really great offer for your past and future clients!!

  37. what a great opportunity: i want to make my blog to mirror me and my personality. and as far as my website goes – i have none! i’m a graphic designer, doing custom invites, birth announcements, etc., but i have no web site, yet. my goal for ’09 is to be up and running on the web. so, hopefully, this will help kick-start that process!

  38. I would LOVE to change my website up a bit…I am currently changing my branding and would love it if everything matched. My website just needs and overhaul. Gallery and all.

  39. What a generous giveaway…how exciting. I’m currently blogging with blogger and am beyond ready to make a switch. I want my blog to more professional looking big blog header with a slideshow of pictures or something, images that are large and centered and the list goes on. I’m good behind the camera but not so good behind the computer. Trying to figure out how to customize my blog isn’t quite my forte’. I love your designs…you are extremely talented! I’m crossing my fingers and toes for this one 😉

  40. Hay!! I just want to say that I NEED this blog/site because mine sucks…plain and simple LOL!! I have a free blogspot and would love to take the HUGE upgrade to a KIMTOWN Blog/Site!!!

  41. Girl, you KNOW I NEED help! LOL I should have just had you do everything from the start. my blog doesn’t even match my new branding anymore… has my old logo…. I can’t remember to update my site, I need it ALL IN ONE! You FINALLY taught me how to blog and I am still at it… so now I just need your help in getting everything pretty and organized. a blog-site would RAWK, just like you. 🙂

  42. Yipeeeee! I hope I win! Currently I’ve been using weebly to get started with a site since I just started my company! I recently returned from volunteering in Africa and weebly worked so great for me and my hubby to create a FREE site for our friends and family to keep track of us I thought I’d try it for my photography. It’s not anything I want but it’s working for now! Hope you choose me lady 🙂 Many thanks for helping with this contest! – Rachael 🙂

  43. I found out about kimtown through Phaunt… I took Kylie’s Phaunt U last fall. I would love a new site that is totally dedicated to my new photography business…Small Moments I photography by Jules Right now I have a personal/class/business blog/site. Right now I’m working on branding with a logo and colors. I am excited to put it all together with a new site!
    Thanks for this opportunity!

  44. Thank you so much for offering this! You are amazing!
    I would like to update the look of my site, adding pages for more client info, and maybe getting a password protected area for boudoir pics or even getting it linked up with a site for online proofs! (Don’t NEED everything but a girl can dream, right?)
    I’d like my blog to have a matching feel with links at the top to go back to the blog or directly to client info areas.
    I am looking to coordinate the areas and give them a professional feel that will help clients navigate them easily.
    Thanks again!

  45. I am totally archaic and still don’t have a blog. I tried to create a blogger site, but it made me crazy. I just deleted it yesterday without ever posting one thing. I would LOVE this gift! Also, I just saw another local photographer with my same template for my website. I really do NOT want to be associated!


  46. What would I change? I would love to be able to make my site more me, instead of the cookie cutter, everyone has the same site that it is. I would love to be able to do featured weddings as an option in my galleries. Oh I could go on an on. LOL!

  47. I would LOVE to have a blog site because I feel it would suit my style better then what I have. The blog is not one column for large images and by doing a blog site it would be easier then having a flash site — I could create linkable content from the menu and change it to suit what I am doing more easily. My life and business are always in flux! I really need something that will work for all aspects of my life!

  48. Dearest Kim,
    I am in desperate need for a blog+site. My webgrade for my website is 9 yup 9. I know your not shocked because you yell at us for having flash 🙂 My Blog is 39 but I would really like to have inline comment boxes and some really unique designs. Please help me….

  49. blog+site entry

    Nicole Everson Photography

    Kim I LOVE your work.. I have done all my own designing for my website and blog, and I am desperate for a professional touch.. I found you threw flickr, and have been in love with your work for a while now. I love the large images I can put on my blog, but as for as the design it is lacking. I just bought another domain name and web hosting so I can separate my wedding website and portrait website, but I am at a loss to make the wedding website as nice as my portrait website without spending another 200.. so HELP.. lol

  50. I currently only have a blog but would like to have a website and start a business over the summer. Thank you for a wonderful giveaway.

  51. Right now everything is on one website. I would love to have a separate site for Seniors and Weddings and link them all from one central place. A blog site would be perfect for this.
    What a great giveaway, Kim. Good luck everyone!

  52. What I need from a new website is a way to differentiate myself from the competition. I need a way to move away from the templates, to be able to host my own website. I need someone with a designer’s eye to complement my work.

  53. I woud change the overall feel my my site. I bought a template and it has really limited my ability to make it what I want. I would like to have a happy and fun site that showcases my photography and I don’t feel that with my current site.

  54. Fantastic opportunity Kim, thank you for your generosity! I have a definite vision in mind about what I would like my website to look like, but have so far not been able to achieve. I would love to have that professional polish that you get when working with a designer. Right now my website is a little too “scrapbooky” when what I’m going for is a warm, organic style. And of course I know working with you I will get something that’s UNIQUE to me and that is soo important.

  55. I need a blog-site! My current blog, while it looks okay is SO hard to function! It is a custom blog (from before all the 900 pixel blog templates) and the blog-designer flaked afterwards and disappearred…

  56. I would a) have a wedding website separate from my portrait website and b) spice things up a bit (instead of plain ol’ black).

  57. I am not even sure where to start with a website. I’ve looked and studied, but just when I find a template I like, I find a dozen other sites already using it which makes me feel like I’m not as unique as I’d like. I would love a professionally designed site, I just can’t afford it and have no idea where to really start.

  58. I have been slacking in the blog department….I don’t have one! Just as I was thinking I would love to get one up and running, I came across your blog+site idea. Sooo smart! I think that blog+site’s will become the wave of the future. This is the perfect answer to updating your portfolio and blog at the same time. There would be no chance of neglecting one over the other. With my website, over the coarse of time, my taste has changed…colors, layouts, ect. I would be proud to have a one of a kind KimTown blog+site! Thanks!

  59. I would change my current blogsite (which is under construction since I am JSO) to be more marketable to Seniors since that is where I am focusing my photography. I would love consistent branding/logo/marketing that carried through all parts of my business!

  60. I would love love love to have a completely separate site from the site I have now for engagement/boudoir/weddings. I have absolutely outgrown my site. I would also like to have a different/more custom and classy feel to it. I also love things streamlined.

  61. well….. I do not have a website, but I do have a blog and will love to change mine for one of those you make, first because of the big pictures we can display on it, 2nd the desing ( i love them all) and 3rd to make my blog more professional and in that way capture clients, I really need some new ones 🙂
    I have found you from Phaunt and following you everywhere, forum, facebook and blog

  62. my current website fitted my budget & filled the need for a professional look – but i would LOVE a more customized personal look for my blog+site. something unique & that’s what you do best!

  63. I would change everything about my site. I know that it is slow loading, and that is not encouraging people to linger and look. I truly believe that it is hurting my business, as it’s not user friendly. I would love to have a cohesive look, that I could carry over into other areas of my business.

  64. I would like a new blog site because the one I currently have is NOTHING compared to what I have seen as of late. I need something to help set me apart from my competition, as well as something clean and beautiful. HELP! LOL

  65. I don’t currently have a website but I am in dire need of one! I just officially started up my photography business and I love all the designs you have for sites. I followed a link here from a friend’s site ( I need something professional and easy to update and maintain. Your designs are great!

  66. I am in the mood to do some spring-cleaning & freshen up the old website! And I need a big kick in the pants to get relevant & start a blog! So, I would LUV a chance to start over – oh to be such a lucky girl 🙂

  67. My site is so blah!! I cant customize anything since its a template and I would love to be able to really get into having fun designs and fonts that compliment my work instead of it being so generic. I need something that is going to emphasize my work and help it stand out—-not be a cookie cutter of some company that every Tom, Dick, and Harry with a camera use!

  68. I’m just starting up my photography again …. and I currently have a flash palette template – not digging it. And I seriously need a new look for my design site — which is actually why I stopped by today! Ok … off to email you about my design site 🙂

  69. oooh i need a new blog. so bad. if you choose me, i will never ever ask for anything ever again, i promise! (do i sound like my 6 year old asking for a hedgehog?)

    anyways, just starting out in the business and NEED help with the blog. i’m a photog, NOT a graphic designer. low budget + no graphic/design skills = OH SO BORING blog!!

  70. I am currently using smugmug and its *ok* but I want a fancy, flash, more professional-looking site!!!

    I was directed this way via PropInsanity/Tracy Joy!!

  71. Blog & site entry
    I am just starting up my photography business and I have little to invest, would love a website. I have a blog, not too happy with that either! Your site looks Great!

  72. I need help with a blog! Mine is pretty lame. I’m new to this blogging thing, and it really doesn’t have much personality. I don’t know how to do much to make it more than just blah. I would LOVE to win one!! 🙂

  73. Oooh, I could use some help! I’m so overwhelmed with starting up a business. I probably haven’t picked the best time to start a business in Michigan but I love photography and the time is right in my life. It’s all just so overwhelming, so much to learn, so many decisions, costs to watch closely, in need of style help, etc. I gotta follow my dreams though! I’m here from the Phaunt site.

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