PHOTOG on the BLOG is BACK! – Tara Whitney

After many requests, the Photog on the Blog{site} is back!! What a way to welcome it back by showcasing the ever fabulous, Tara Whitney! Enjoy!




Photography related!


Who are you? Tara Whitney


How did you get started in photography?  My husband purchased a Canon Rebel (film) for me years and years ago as a surprise. I also took two beginner photography classes to learn how to use it. From there I went on to photograph my own family and friends just for fun. Soon, I was getting requests from strangers asking me to photograph their family. I went for it and here I am today!


Did you study photography or are you a natural born creative? I studied photography on my own time, my own way. Aside from two beginner courses to learn the basic functions of a camera, I am self taught.


Tell me about your style? How did you develop it? How long did it take you to realize your style?  I didn’t realize I had a style until at least a year into the business. I was just going along doing my thing. I just photographed the way I would photograph myself and my own kids. I knew I liked laughing shots and kissing shots. I liked unique crops and bright tones. I liked people to be relaxed and unposed. I didn’t realize that was a “style” until people started asking me questions, in an attempt at getting the same kinds of results. I just see what I do as another piece of my brand. Still hard for me to call it a “style”.


Do you specialize in a particular field? Weddings, Kids, Newborns, Black and White only?  Families.


What camera and lenses do you use?  5d, 24-70L, 50L 1.2


What can you never leave home without? Bessie, my iPhone


What are you working on right now? My Austin sessions.


Where is your fav locale to shoot?  Somewhere new with millions of possibilities!


Do you have a favorite prop or pose?  Not really…


What is some good advice that you received when you were just starting out that you can share with other photogs that are just starting in the business?   Honestly, I wasn’t around other photographers much as I was just starting. I didn’t search out advice from others because most of the time I was met with blank stares. “You want to go to their house? And take photos of the kids in their rooms? Candids? Wha…huh?” I guess the best advice I got wasn’t advice. It was other photographers telling me my ideas weren’t going to work.


How do you get your clients to relax and have fun with their portraits? This is my most often asked question, and I have no good response. There is no certain timeline I follow to get people relaxed. There isn’t a formula. It is just how I am with people, I am good at putting them at ease. 


Do you travel out-of-state to do photography?  Yes!


What do you enjoy photographing the most?  Mommas and their babies. Both young and old.


Anything else you would like to share? Hints, tips or everyday wisdom?  People email me or comment on my blog saying they want to be just like me “when they grow up”. I am here to say, you DO NOT want to be just like me. The worst thing you could do for yourself is to try and be something you aren’t. To be truly successful, figure out what makes you unique and special and go with THAT. Dont try to be me, JUST BE YOU. 🙂


What motivates you to do what you do?  Pretty pictures.


Do you believe that “A picture is worth 1,000 words”? Tell me why or why not… I think they go together much better than they do apart. Words and images together are magic.


Where is your next shoot? Pasadena




Now for some fun stuff!


What do you do outside of the photography world?  Do you have a Side Business?   My side business is caring for my four children. (HA)


What is your favorite food? Mmm, mashed potatoes.


Have you ever eaten a crayon? No


Do you wash your car or let the car wash do it? I let my husband let the car wash do it. (meaning, he takes it for me)


How about your music? What’s on your iPod right now? About 4,000 songs, including from my recently added playlist: some old but good U2, and peter broderick


What is your favorite outfit to shoot in? Do you prefer jeans? Do you have a shirt with your name on it? Jeans or other pants with a long tunic type shirt/dress. When you wear a long shirt over your jeans, you don’t ever have to worry about showing off your booty when you crouch down to take a shot.


What is your favorite thing to do when you aren’t shooting?   Nothing. Blissful nothing. Usually at the pool, surrounded by people doing lots of something.


If you could be on a tv show, what would it be?  What not to Wear!


What is your guilty pleasure? Chocolate? Soaps? Football?  Ice cream.


Here are Tara’s two favorite images!

The BW shot is my best friend and her fiance. I love the reality of the chipped teeth and their smiles. Its just a really happy shot.

The color shot is three gorgeous blonde boys who were pretty hard to get in one place for a photo together, so when I did I was ecstatic. Love the color of their clothes and their striking blonde hair!



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  1. What a great read! Tara is one of my FAVORITE photographers!! I Love her style, or what she called another piece of her brand!

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