If you’d like to accept payment for your customers, but only have a few products (or session fee etc) then adding a paypal button to your site would be beneficial.

Many of you have kimtown client sites, blog+sites or blogs built on wordpress. Here is a quick tutorial on how to add a buy it now button to your wordpress site.

Step 1: Login to your Paypal account

Step 2: Click the MERCHANT SERVICES tab at the top, then click BUY IT NOW BUTTON
1Merchant Services - PayPal

Step 3: Start filling out the necessary fields that pertain to your item. For this tutorial we are adding a Portrait Session Fee “Buy it Now” button.
2Create a PayPal payment button - PayPal 3

Step 4: Go to Step2 & Step3 on your Create Button screen
3Create a PayPal payment button - PayPal 2
4Create a PayPal payment button - PayPal

Step 5: Click CREATE BUTTON at the bottom of the page
5Create a PayPal payment button - PayPal

Step 6: Copy the code in the box
6Generated Code - PayPal

Step 7: Paste the code on the HTML side of your wordpress page (or post) and click PUBLISH and you’re all done!
7Add New Page ‹ kimtown — WordPress

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