People have the tendency to get things stuck in their heads. Mostly things that they like but can’t find the second time. It’s that cool tune you heard on the radio while driving but it didn’t say what it is called, it’s that cool pair of sneakers that someone has but you don’t know from where he bought it from, it’s that awesome font you found the other days while surfing the web and really want to use it in your next project but there isn’t anyone who can tell you what it is. Well, designers, I have good news for you, unfortunately I can’t help those of you out there still searching for the song they heard on prom night when they almost kissed their high school sweetheart. read more

One of the easiest, and most commonly overlooked, ways to add contacts to your email list, is a simple sign-up sheet. Keep it at the front of your store or at the counter and encourage customers to sign up. Entice them with an incentive and then keep them entertained and engaged with consistent, gratifying emails.

Your business could be reviewed by existing customers on dozens of websites and mobile apps across the Internet. These reviews provide a quick snapshot of your business to potential customers, which could make or break their purchase decision. Online directories like Yelp and Mapquest list reviews with your online location information, including business name, address, phone number, and description. By taking complete control of your online information, you’ll know exactly what customers think of your business.

It’s hard to read emails on a smartphone screen. Make your emails concise so that readers can find the call to action. Only provide the most important information in your emails and use plenty of whitespace so readers can easily tap on your links.

One of the first lines of defense against a cyber-attack is your web browser. Keep your browsers and other programs such as Java, Reader and Shockwave updated. Don’t rely only on automatic updates but periodically check for updates that will help keep your computer safe.

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