Hello there! The holidays are just around the corner and offering online gift certificates to your current and potential customers is a win-win for everyone!

If I’ve installed a Zen-Cart shopping cart for you, here’s how to set them up and start using them today; without any special mods!! Of course, if you want a custom gift card design, CONTACT ME TODAY to create that for you!

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Due to the recent POODLE vulnerability discovery, payment processors (such as PayPal and Authorize.net etc) have begun disallowing the use of (the industry standard version of) SSL v3, which has triggered problems during checkout:
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A new year always brings a host of promises to get more organized, increase efficiency and down size (in more ways than one!) and with that comes the compulsion to have a good spring clean – cupboards, closets, cellars and even computer files.   When it’s done, it’s a liberating feeling that leaves you thoroughly cleansed and ready to move on to the next project.read more

There are some very specific ways to leverage Facebook traffic to gain more exposure to your content, whether that is internal (on a Facebook page) or external (on a web site) content. In this article I will discuss a few different ways, and provide very specific how-to’s for each one.read more

In business, choosing a web hosting account can be a time-consuming process, but if you’re setting up a website, it’s just the beginning of the journey. Once you begin to develop your website and add content, your hosting account becomes a valuable business asset – one that is worth defending against malicious attacks and intrusion.

Here are five easy, practical ways to keep your hosting account secure as your website grows.read more

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