This site makes me hungry! Who doesn’t love some good BBQ? Being from the south, I can definitely raise my hand when someone asks if I want BBQ. Of course living up here in Maryland, we don’t have a lot of good bbq places. I got to live vicariously through this site design.

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You may remember when I did the new site for Samuda Detailing last year…After a year of using the site, we determined that we needed to add features and give 2014 a new look!

Being Marques’ web guru, we came up with an awesome new web site that I’m sure you’ll agree is PERFECT for him and his more

I fell in love with Lilly Bumpus several months ago when I came across her facebook page. I can’t remember the link that brought me there, but once I read her story, I was smitten. She’s a little trooper! read more

I love a good makeover! In collaboration with Belle Fleur Designs, kimtown gave Maple Leaf Construction a site makeover. We moved them to a wordpress platform and gave them everything they needed to run their site easily and efficiently. The new site is light and airy, easy on the eyes and quick on navigation. The site before was small and cluttered. Take a look around!read more

Often times I can look at a website and immediately imagine what I can do with it. This was one of those times (love when that happens). I worked with this client before on another project for his own business and now worked with him on this project. I LOVE repeat clients!

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