Can you tell I’m on a social media kick? It’s one of THE biggest players in my marketing and advertising. It’s simple and fun and you can be successful at it too!! Here’s another great article on mistakes and how to avoid them! This is a long (but GREAT) read so grab a cuppa joe and a comfy seat. read more

There are some very specific ways to leverage Facebook traffic to gain more exposure to your content, whether that is internal (on a Facebook page) or external (on a web site) content. In this article I will discuss a few different ways, and provide very specific how-to’s for each more

I found a great article on the Small Business Trends website and couldn’t help but share. Are you doing these in your business? Make social media work for you!read more

With Facebook rapidly approaching its 10th anniversary, it’s not that social media marketing is a new thing for business owners and webmasters. But that said, there are still quite a few people out there making mistakes that could cost them both followers and more

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