My little Protege!

My youngest daughter loves to shop with me. She loves to pick out fabric, notions and of course patterns. Earlier in the year (2013) I gave my middle daughter’s sewing machine to her. (She never really got into the whole sewing thing) After teaching her some basic sewing techniques, how to care for the machine and troubleshooting, she picked it right up and away she went! She loves to make all kinds of things; mostly bags, things for her animals and such. I adore her creations.

She wanted to do something a little more for her…I taught her a super simple, yet high fashion (giggle), skirt *recipe*. I helped a little with the elastic, but all of the seams, hems and cutting was done by her…My 6 err 7 year old has made her own skirt. I couldn’t be more proud! Next step is cutting out patterns!

Of course I’m proud of all of my children…they are all talented in their own way!

EnglandSkirt3 EnglandSkirt1 EnglandSkirt4 EnglandSkirt2

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