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I am so excited to finally share this beautiful quilt that I made last year. One of my wonderful customers wanted a quilt for her baby’s room that was the same color palette of her own room but yet the same style of her other child’s. This quilt would be folded over the chair in the baby’s room.

This quilt was definitely a labor of love. I loved making it but it was extremely laborious. Don’t get me wrong though, I love a good challenge. I made the quilt front first and then made a layout in photoshop of what it would look like;  position of the butterflies and the name.

I went shopping for the perfect fabrics; sending iPhone pics of my fabric choices to her for nays or yays. Once the right ones were found, it was a beautiful marriage of style, sophistication and a touch of whimsy in the midst. I brought my finds home (this is before I had a shop) and prepared them. I traced every butterfly onto fabric and cut each one out by hand. Tedious, but SO very worth it in the end.

After positioning the butterflies, I machined appliqued each one on, in their perfect little spot. Embroidering her name came next. A beautiful little font in a delicate plum color adorns the top of the largest butterfly.

Lastly, I made the bottom, bound them together and made a bound biased edge from the same pattern that’s on the butterflies. Cute. I pinned everything together, so no sliding, and hand stippled every little wiggle and squiggle on that quilt.

The result? A beautiful, custom, one-of-a-kind piece of art her family will treasure for many generations. Thank you, Angela, for allowing me to make this for your daughter.


ButterflyQuilt1 ButterflyQuilt2 ButterflyQuilt3 ButterflyQuilt4


And here’s a shot of it in it’s perfectly purposeful spot at home.


If you are interested in a custom quilt, blanket or lovie, feel free to get in touch with me!

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