Bags, Bags and more Bags! – Embroidery, Frederick, MD

Happy September y’all! I cannot believe it’s almost October; gosh have I been busy!! I’m dedicating this post to all the bags I’ve either made or monogrammed lately; there’s a lot! I love that there is such a wonderfully wide assortment of ready to monogram bags and ready to be made patterns to choose from. Have questions? Just ask!

If you are looking to have your bag made or monogrammed, send me a message! I’d be happy to chat about what I can do for you!

Let’s start with these little clutches that are perfect for you OR as a gift.
 APHClutch1 ARMClutch1 CCMBag1 CMMClutch1 RKMGrayBag

Alex sure will enjoy his dopp kit!
AlexDopp1 AlexDopp2 AlexDopp3 AlexDopp4

These beautiful totes are fully insulated!
AOPBag1 AOPBag2 EBCBasket1 EBCBasket2 JSMBag1 TFDBag1 TFDBag2

These sweet little zipper pouches are perfect for just about anything from pencils to makeup and whatever is in between! The freshman class at Hood College is enjoying these!
HoundstoothD1 HoundstoothD2 HoundstoothD3 Pouches1 Pouches2
Pouches3 Pouches4 Pouches5

This bag was customized for little Miss Natalie!
NatalieSupergirl1 NatalieSupergirl2

More customized fun! A zippered take along bag, a gorgeous bag and a PB Style backpack!
TMABag1 TMABag1Alt YanniBackpack1 AHLBag1
GraceBag1 BagsSet2 BagsSet5 BagsSet4

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