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Where did the school year go? It seems like as my kids get older the years go faster and faster! It’s that time again…SUMMER!! In just a little over a month, the kids will be out for the summer, and what better way to tell their teacher you are thankful for them than a PERSONALIZED and USEFUL gift? I’m not talking about something that will get tossed in the trash…I’m talking about something they can actually USE!

After talking and researching with many teachers about what they use the most, it’s come to light that there are some GREAT and NOT SO GREAT gifts! Not all of these are personalized but I hope this gives you some great ideas for the awesome teacher in your life!

PS…If your child is in high school and has upwards of 10 teachers, check out some of the smaller items you can order in bulk for them! That list is to follow!


  • Gift Certificates: For obvious reasons!
  • Personalized Glasses Cases: Perfect for seeing, reading or sun glasses!
  • Personalized Stationary: A beautiful way to allow them to write a note home, to another teacher etc with their name or initial on it.
  • Personalized Supplies for the Classroom: Boxes with labels: Mrs. Smiths’ Pencils, for example
  • Personalized Tote Bags: Perfect for carrying books, papers to grade, supplies and more. No one else will be able to claim it as theirs! Choose your fabric and lining and it’s made just for your teacher!
  • Personalized Beach/Pool Bags: Who doesn’t need this? Perfectly large enough for everyone and everything! I can make one or you can buy one ready made. Monogramming is just $15!
  • Custom Mug Rugs: Gone are the days of coffee rings on the desk. Mug rugs are washable and adorable!
  • Monogrammed Bottle Koozies: Keep their beverage cool when it’s hot out!
  • Personalized Softball or Baseball: Get a FREE Stand when you order a custom ball and mention this teachers blog post!
  • Embroidered Football: A custom gift with their favorite team, high school or anything else!
  • Keychains: Everyone has keys! A fun and personalized way to add a little bling to their keychain.
  • Hoop Art: Great for their Home or Classroom. Pick from current designs, choose from ANY Design in stock, create a custom one of your own!
  • Monogrammed Hand Towels make a great gift for any kitchen!



  • Candles: They end up in a closet, a very smelly closet. Unless you know the teacher VERY well and exactly what smells they love and hate, forgo this option
  • Food: This is another one “unless you know them well” type scenarios, with allergies on the rise, don’t risk it
  • Soaps: Unless you’re trying to tell your teacher they stink, skip the soap. However, if you hand made it and you are 7, then it’s acceptable.
  • Dollar Store Items: Come on now. Your child’s teacher has been one of, if not THE ONE of, the most influential people in your child’s life the past year. You can do better than a dollar store gift. The ONLY exception is if you are using these items to additionally personalize (think mugs, glasses, pot holders, etc).


 GROUP Gifts 
  • Combined gifts: A gift card from the entire class (VolunteerSpot makes it easy for one parent to coordinate the collection with easy online sign up sheets) means a lot to a teacher’s budget. He or she can then get whatever they’d like. Treat themselves to something nice or get supplies for the next year! It’s a win win.
  • Group gifts: When the entire class contributes towards a gift, they are always well received. For example, a gift basket themed around a favorite pastime of your teacher, handmade gifts from the children (especially letters), trendy personalized items such as monogrammed cozies or purses, etc.


 BULK Orders 

Have a middle or high schooler that has multiple wonderful teachers? What about some smaller gifts to give to each of them! Small but so well received!

Keychains: Everyone has keys! A fun and personalized way to add a little bling to their keychain.

Sports Items: Generic or specific sports that you know they love? Get them something sports related. Keychains to snap trays and even custom baseballs and softballs. Dog tags? Yup I can make those too!

Toilet Paper: Everyone “go’s” so why not give them some decor to pretty up the TP! Seems funny, but everyone LOVES this idea!


That’s a good list to get your started and give you some ideas. Feel free to head over to the shop  for a little inspiration of your own! Just because it’s not in my shop doesn’t mean I don’t make it! Just ask me! I LOVE Custom work!

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