Day 11 GIVEAWAY – What’s on your Christmas/Holiday List?

Day 11 of this awesome event and kimtown would LOVE to know what’s on your Christmas list this year? Don’t celebrate Christmas? No problem! Tell us what you have on your *want/need/wish* list. It can be anything, big or small, costly or inexpensive.

I *need* a new MAC since mine crashed and re-crashed. That’s a the top of my list. I *want* a 10 needle embroidery machine. LOL Who doesn’t?

Here’s how to play:

  1. Leave a comment below, on this post, with what’s at the top of your list this year
  2. We will choose a random winner, on November 13th (after this hop is over) to get a FREE DESIGN that’s not yet released!!!

That’s it! Yeah it’s that easy!

86 Replies to “Day 11 GIVEAWAY – What’s on your Christmas/Holiday List?”

    1. I will keep your spouse and family in my prayers. I myself am finally in remission. Cancer is a horrible disease and rough battle. Blessings.

  1. Top of my list this year is definitely a laptop! My 12 year laptop was about to die last year and my son told me he had me covered. He went out and bought himself a new one and gave me his old one that has power issues. Gotta love him!

  2. I’d like a new laptop computer. Mine is 9 years old and I know it will take a dive one of these days. I may have to watch some black Friday sales and see what I can find.

  3. I need a new Desktop PC – mine is 9 yrs old and still running Win7 which will no longer be supported in January !!!

  4. I would love any embroidery supplies …vinyl, stabilizers, thread, I would also like magnetic hoops.

  5. To be with my family, this Christmas. Hopefully we can all get together. Seems like when a parent dies, nothing is the same no more.

  6. I need a new (to me) car.
    I want a bigger/better/nicer embroidery machine. I only need a PE-800, nothing crazy.

  7. Kitchenaid mixer for my daughter its all she wants and as my granny always taught me the gift is in the giving not receiving it would make her year which in turn makes me happy

  8. I need a new laptop computer My embroidery computer has a bad battery and the lid snaps when I open it…….. really an old computer !!

  9. My biggest want is for my husband to feel better and the doctors to figure out how to make it happen. My wish is to update my digitizing software.

  10. Need: the new house we’re moving into – 95% of our belonging are in storage until we get into the house, so Christmas this year will have LOTS of boxes to open lol. As for wants: all the fancy stuff for the new craft room, but that’s going to have to wait

  11. I really want a multi-needle embroidery machine. It probably isn’t in the cards this year but I can always dream.

  12. I honestly don’t want a physical item. I I just want to enjoy this holiday season and make some amazing memories with our traditions since my children are getting older and soon they will be moving out on their own.

  13. My needs are met so I am grateful, a want more cbd oil- keeps my hands from shaking, another want to always yern to make someones day a little better. Merry Christmas and thank you for all that ya’ll are doing!

  14. a new embroidery machine missing out on all the 5×7 design that my 4×4 cant do and being on a tight and i mean tight budget i will have this on my wish list

  15. I’m wanting all my family to have peace. The last month has been an awful month. My niece chose to end her life in October. Peace, Peace, Wonderful Peace for their hearts, minds and souls.

  16. My wish is that my brother in law would be cancer free and our six kids and 17 grandkids can all be together for one day.

  17. I wish for a new laptop that had a great graphics program to be used exclusively for my embroidery! Probably can’t get that, so I’d like a ton of USB flash drives for my design files.

  18. I would love to have a larger embroidery machine (currently have 5×7) but also would be amazing to have a heat press.

  19. To simply spend time with my husband, 5 children, 4 children-in-law and 4 granddaughters, enjoying each other and all that we have been blessed with!

  20. really not much
    maybe getting my embroidery machines fixed correctly.
    I was never one to ask for much I always had socks as the first
    thing on my list when I was young.
    Good luck to everyone.

  21. I’m greedy this year. I want my husband’s leukemia cured and my daughter to finally have a successful IVF.

  22. I am a single, disabled mother. I have limited funds, and my prayer is that I can sell my embroidery so that I can provide my daughters with a christmas this year. All those that read this please lift us up in prayer. thank you so much.

  23. More time to organize my life. A Christmas miracle would be for the whole family to get together, and get along!

  24. I wish/dream for a Glowforge. To help expand my home business. Since I was laid off my 9-5 job on Friday.

  25. the new Brother Solaris. The one that digitizes simple designs, kids drawlings, and drawings or signatures.

  26. It’s 10:35pm Nov 11th my time….. My Christmas want list includes The Lego VW Bug or VW Van sets. I like lego in addition to crafting.

  27. The top of my Christmas Wish list is a Digitizing Embroidery Software. I have been wanting one for over a year now. That, and a new recliner.

  28. My wish is for my daughter to find a good paying job that she loves. A new computer (mine is dying) and a Cricut machine.

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