10 Things to do to stay SANE in Quarantine

We all know we are soooo close to being on the down slope of this pandemic. I hope you all are staying safe AND sane. Luckily, I only have one kid at home and she’s doing a heck of a job with homeschooling. I have been sewing like a mad woman, of course, and creating not only sewn masks, but also disposable masks for my community. 

In case you’re going stir crazy and in a quarantine burnout, here’s a list of 10 awesome things you can do right now to get a little relief (other than watching tv or youtube)!

1. Stick your face in the sunshine! No matter where you may be in the world, when you see the sun out, put your face towards it and enjoy it for at least 30 seconds. Getting a little Vitamin D never hurt anyone!

2. Start a journal! What’s healthier than getting your thoughts, feelings and emotions out on paper? Make goals for the coming year, share jokes, thoughts, feelings, happyness, anger…anything! It’s cathartic for sure. 

3. Write a letter! Remember the days when you’d get a lovely hand written letter in the mail to say hello and tell you what’s new with them? Do the same for someone else! A stamp is cheap but the thoughts behind a letter are priceless!

4. Color! This is great by yourself or with your family! Remember that coloring book craze that swept through a couple years back? Time to get it going again! You can color with crayons, pencils, paint, oil pastels (cray-pas) or even make your own finger paints! (That’s another post)

5. Play cards with the family! We love a good game of rummy! If you are by your lonesome, get online and play some card games. They are relaxing and fun and FREE!!

6. Start a garden! A little dirt, a few seeds, water and sunshine is all you’ll need to start your own little garden. You can start it indoors and transplant outside when they’re big enough. There’s tons of articles online that teaches you how to do just this. 

7. Learn a new language! If you have a library card, you have access to learn a new language at no cost. There’s an app called Hoopla that allows you to rent books of all kinds; languages included!

8. If you’re not keen on languages, learn a new hobby by using the app from number 7! There’s millions of books to teach you how to do things and the (virtual) library is a great place to start. 

9. Organize your photos! We all have thousands of photos on our phone or in our computer just sitting around. Take a day and organize them into folders, throw out ones you know you’ll never need (blurry etc) and order a few prints of your favorites! I have my photos organized by family member, occasion/holiday, and event. This helps my find pics quickly and easily always. For example in the “Holiday” folder I have “Christmas 2018, Christmas 2019, Halloween 2018, Halloween 2019” etc. You get the idea. Then the kids each have their own folders for things they do, or pics I take of them that aren’t “Family” related like holidays/trips. 

10. Create a ME day! Time to draw a bubble bath, put on some soft jazz, light the candles, put on a facial with cucumbers over the eyes, paint your nails and pamper yourself. This is great for all genders and refreshes you immensely! Wait till after the kids go to bed though so you can enjoy yourself. Tee hee!

These are all things I do on a regular basis to keep my home life sane. I work from home, live at home and my whole life it typically at home so I get a little cabin fever sometimes. It’s nice to break up the monotony sometimes! Enjoy and don’t forget to wash your hands. LOL

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