ALL NEW Storyboards!

Universal storyboards for your seniors, weddings, families and more!! Everything is on it’s own layer so you can change colors and text as you need.

Includes a kimtown texture in a couple of them and it’s on it’s own layer.

Shown as mounted photographs, but can also be put on canvas or framed as a regular print.

Find out details for each one in the SHOPPE

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Keyword stuffing – STOP IT!

I often get emails asking about the best practices for SEO. Many think it’s okay to put a million combinations of the same text on their site and this will get them ranked higher in google. SOOOO NOT TRUE!!! The BEST way to get a higher ranking is to write searchable text/information that is relevant to your site’s contents.

Straight from Google:

“Keyword stuffing” refers to the practice of loading a webpage with keywords in an attempt to manipulate a site’s ranking in Google’s search results. Filling pages with keywords results in a negative user experience, and can harm your site’s ranking. Focus on creating useful, information-rich content that uses keywords appropriately and in context.

To fix this problem, review your site for misused keywords. Typically, these will be lists or paragraphs of keywords, often randomly repeated. Check carefully, because keywords can often be in the form of hidden text, or they can be hidden in title tags or alt attributes.

Once you’ve made your changes and are confident that your site no longer violates our webmaster guidelinessubmit your site for reconsideration.

For more webmaster tools from google:

Canon EOS 5D Mark II – ON SALE!

Canon EOS 5D Mark II Digital Camera (Camera Body) 

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II improves upon the EOS 5D by increasing the resolution by about 40% to 21.1 Megapixels and adds a Live View feature that allows users to preview shots on the cameras High resolution 3.0″ LCD display. It even incorporates the ability to record full motion HD Video with sound, so you can capture the action as well as superb images.

The cameras 21.1Mp, Full frame 35mm-format (24x36mm) CMOS sensor captures image files with incredible image quality and color accuracy, and can capture JPEG, RAW and RAW+JPEG files. The camera also incorporates Canon’s acclaimed DIGIC 4 imaging processor that works in concert with a high-speed DDR-SDRAM buffer to ensure quick performance and fast image processing times. Performance enhancements enabled by the DIGIC 4 processor include an incredibly fast full-resolution frame rate of up to 3.9 fps, improved battery life, noticeably improved image quality at all ISO sensitivities, fast start-up and reaction times, and improved noise suppression at ISO sensitivities ranging from ISO 100 to ISO 6400, plus the cameras sensitivity is further expandable to a range of ISO 50 to ISO 25600. 

The Canon EOS 5D Mark II incorporates a high-fidelity (920,000 dot) 3″ LCD screen and includes a ‘Live View’ feature that permits the user to frame their shots on the LCD display, and adds framing functions that are not possible with a traditional SLR viewfinder including the ability to zoom in and navigate the preview image to ensure proper focus, and a grid overlay to assist in proper composition. The Live View focusing system also enables focus modes such as Quick mode, Live mode and Face Detection Live mode. Furthermore, the Live View Feature enables HD video recording that can capture true HD-quality (1080p) video at a frame rate of 30 fps with Face Detection and sound. 

The magnesium-alloy chassis of the EOS 5D Mark II ensures the durability of the camera so users can take it on safari or to a press junket and be assured that the camera can take it. In addition the camera body incorporates extensive dust and weatherproofing features including seals and gaskets where body panels and/or camera controls meet. To further keep the imaging sensor free from dust, Canon’s EOS Integrated Cleaning System uses ultrasonic vibrations to shake dust particles off of the sensor’s low-pass filter each time you power up (or manually when needed); this ensures that your images will be spot free and reduces time needed for image retouching. 

Other professional quality features found on the Canon EOS 5D Mark II include 14-bit A/D conversion, a bright viewfinder (with 98% image coverage), Auto Light Optimizer, Lens Peripheral Illumination Correction, 9-point AF plus 6-point assist AF, 25 Custom Functions with 71 settings, and 5 metering modes (35-Zone EV, 8% Partial Spot, 3.5% Spot, Center-Weighted, and Pre-Flash E-TTL II). Altogether, the Canon EOS 5D Mark II has been designed to serve the needs and interests of serious enthusiasts as well as professional photographers who are in pursuit of the perfect image. 

Special Price- $ 2,699.95 + Free Shipping = $ 2,699.95  Click the banner below to visit B&H now!

Looking for Photographs!

I need fresh stuff!! I am in search of all types of photographs. Nature, Animals, Seniors, weddings, families etc. When I create new templates and such I need sample images to put in them.

If you are interested in contributing sample images, please contact me with your name, studio name and website address where I can view your portfolio. If I can use your stuff, I will contact you. Send inquiries to contribute (at)

Images are finished with a copyright line over the image/web sample giving credit to the contributing photographer.

Password Protect your Directories in CPanel

Several of you have asked how to password protect certain areas of your site. Say you have a special folder you only want your clients to be able to access. Give them a username and password!

If you have a CPanel (many of you do) you can do it right in there. Here’s how!

1 To access the Directory Access Menu, click on the passprotectionicon above the words Password Protect Directories on the main screen of your cPanel interface.

2 Click on the name of the directory that you wish to protect. (You can navigate to a directory by clicking on the icon next to it).

3 When the new screen appears, click on the box next to the padlock icon to require a password to access the directory.

4 Type the name that you wish to appear in the login box for the directory in the blank field next to Protected Resource Name:

Place the name of the user you wish to be able to access the directory in the blank field next to Username:

Place the password for that user in the blank field next to Password: and click on Add/Modify authorized user.

7 Repeat steps 5 and 6 as necessary to add more users.