40 Top Photoshop Tips, Tricks & Tutorials from MCP Actions

MCP Actions is an AMAZING resource for photographers of all skill levels or any photoshop user! Here is a posting from her blog with a handy link to 40 of her BEST PS tips, tricks and tuts! Mark this blog on your reader folks; it just keeps getting better!!


Over the past year I have done many videos and shorter tips and tutorials. My readership has grown tremendously and many of you may have missed some of these. I wanted to make your lives as easy as possible and put them in one place.

Here are links to 40 popular Photoshop quick tips and tricks and video tutorials from the past year.  Just click on each to begin learning.  These are not in any particular order so just work your way down the list or pick the topics that interest you.

  1. How to Use the Transform Tool in Photoshop
  2. Stretching instead of Cloning a Canvas
  3. Finding Tools that Vanish in Photoshop
  4. Where Can I See My Camera Settings in Photoshop
  5. How to Install and Use Actions
  6. How to Save Your Actions so they do not Disappear
  7. Understanding Layers and when to use each type of Layer
  8. Layer Masks – How to Use Them – Part 1
  9. Layer Masks – How to Use Them – Part 2
  10. How to See Exactly What You Have Masked
  11. How to Make Simple Frames in Photoshop
  12. How to Crop in Photoshop
  13. How to make a Batchable Bottom Centered Logo in Photoshop
  14. Using Snapshots for More Effective Editing
  15. How to See All Your Photos at Once in Photoshop
  16. How to Avoid Color Shifts and Color Problems when using Curves
  17. How to Decrease Under Eye Shadows, Get Rid of Wrinkles & more
  18. How to Get Rid of Shiny Skin in Photoshop
  19. How to Get Green Grass/Blue Skies – Part 1
  20. How to Get Greener Grass and Bluer Skies – Part 2
  21. How to Fix Actions if they Suddenly Stop Working
  22. How to get rid of Annoying Stops in Actions
  23. 6 Ways to Save Time in Photoshop
  24. Photoshop Shortcut Keys
  25. Lightroom Shortcut Keys
  26. How to Use Textures in Photoshop
  27. Using Clipping Masks – How to insert photos into a template
  28. Some Great Brush Tool Tips
  29. Why does my Brush Tip Look like a Target – how to fix it
  30. Using the Brush Tool in Photoshop – More You Can Do
  31. How to Get Rid of Brushes you no longer like
  32. Making a Custom Photoshop Workspace
  33. A Better Way to Dodge and Burn in Photoshop
  34. Changing the Color of a Backdrop in Photoshop
  35. How to Make Your Photo into a Pencil Sketch
  36. How to Edit Silhouette Shots in Photoshop
  37. How to Burn the Edges and Add Vignettes
  38. How to Lose 10 Pounds in 1 Minute – the Photoshop Digital Diet
  39. Using Curves in CS4 (What is New)
  40. What to do When Photoshop Starts Acting Crazy


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