Home Sweet Home…Tornado Footage

I’m glad I missed this storm!! Hope my J-ville peeps are okay!!! This is some amazing footage from an office just down the street from my sister’s house in Jacksonville (where I will be staying when I move EEK). Keep an eye out at the AMAZING view they got at about 2:27. WOW is all I can say!


NEW BLOG for Kristie Patton Hair!

I have to say I really enjoy working with photographers, but when a commission comes up that’s completely different, it’s a refreshing welcome!

I recently completed the most adorable blog, and favicon, for a Hair Stylist named Kristie Patton out of Pittsboro, North Carolina. She had a fellow photographer/designer, Randi Greffeuille design her logo and flowers and I worked to code out and design her blog.

Feel free to VISIT HER SITE!


Moving Sale! HTML Web Sites only $49!!!

For one week only the DIVERSITY and new GLORY HTML websites are on SALE for just $49!!! No code needed or buy to sign up for! Order as many as you like at this price. 

As you know, kimtown is moving back to Jacksonville (Florida) and moving from PA to FL is expensive! So what better way to pay for the move than with a big PHAT sale!!











MMM Monday -Cheesesteak Sandwich

I make these sandwiches with leftover steaks. We usually use sirloins and for some reason we always have tons of leftovers. So these sandwiches are a tasty way to use up what’s left. These have become a huge favorite in my family!! If you don’t have leftover steaks, just buy a couple of sirloins, cut them in bite sized pieces and it will be just as good!

2-3 sirloins, cut into bite sized pieces

1/2 onion, finely chopped

2 cloves garlic, chopped

sliced provolone cheese

hoagie rolls


In a skillet, saute onions and garlic in about 2 tbs. vegetable oil. Add in cut up meat and cook until heated through (or cook until desired degree of doneness if using raw meat). Set oven on low broil. Cut hoagie rolls in half and pile meat on one half of bread. Layer several slices of cheese over meat and place under boiler. Toast until cheese is melted, watch carefully so you don’t burn it! Serve!