A special THANK YOU from England

Recently I was commissioned by Eve Lennon to do a shop, site and splash page for her company, Fairy Nana Land. The first phone conversation I had with her, England decided she wanted to talk to her (which is not a common thing I do with my clients LOL). England saw her costumes online and just HAD to talk to her. Eve knew right then she wanted to make her a costume. We just got it today and I have to say it is absolutely stunning. England was overjoyed to get it!! Once she saw that sparkly paper her eyes got big and I had to run for the video camera.

Thank you Eve, for this wonderful hand-made gift for England. Pics to follow soon!!

PLEASE Be Patient! We have moved!

We have just moved from Florida to Pennsylvania and are running a week behind on emails, projects, support requests and new orders.

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be patient while we work to get caught up.

If you have placed an order and have not yet received your item/product we will be in touch by the end of next week. If you have inquired about our services or recently submitted a support ticket, please know we are also working hard in each of these departments to respond to everyone.

Thank you again for your patience during this time.