Client Communications Digital + Client Site 50% OFF at TK BUSINESS!!!

For those of you who have been wanting a client site AND all the wording to go on it, for a small investment, now is your chance!! This item is being discontinued* and is available in the TK Business & Design shop at 50% off regular price. Client Information Sites by kimtown are regularly priced at $375.  Purchase Client Communications Digital + Client Site (at 50% off) for only $172.50!


{From the TK Business & Design site} If you want a Client Site without the frustration of coming up with the web template, layout, and wording, then the Client Communications Digital + Client Site is the right choice.

Client Information Sites are created by kimtown and come installed with all wording included in Client Communications Digital (fully editable for you to add, delete, or change any wording you prefer).  The Client Information Site coordinates with your current branding and site for a seamless feel.

The Client Communications Digital file is downloaded immediately after purchase, then you will be contacted by kimtown after the purchase to customize your Client Information Site.

A Client Site is an important communication tool before and during the session process.  Clients appreciate having all of the information they need in one place – without having to keep track of paperwork (I am as paperless as possible), and without searching through various emails to find the information they need.  It’s convenient, simple yet detailed, modern, and helpful.

Client Communications Digital Includes:
• Access to view my Client Site (and copy & paste any wording you choose to use)
• Client Site document (further details and insight into creating and using a Client Site)
• Investment Guide – (5) psd files
• Session Guide (4) psd files  & Order Guide (3) psd files
• Workflow Spreadsheet to track the stages for each client
• Wording for emails sent to clients through the workflow process

*Please note the COMBO+SITES are NOT being discontinued, just the current wording, prices, policies etc…The combos will be revised to include new information (coming June 1st)


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