NEW PRODUCT – HTML Styling Editor for MachForm

Looking to give your machforms a look to match your website? Do it quickly and easily with the HTML Styling Editor by kimtown!

If you can copy and paste, you can create a beautiful page for your MachForm form, survey or anything else you create with MachForm!

What can I do with the HTML Styling Editor?
-Style your machform page layout with our easy to use editor
-Easily match your forms with your website branding
-Go from boring to BEAUTIFUL in a few clicks!
-Copy your embed code from your MachForm software and simply paste it in the designated area in the kimtown editor
-One form per editor
-HTML so anyone on any browser can see your form, survey, contact or anything you’ve created with machform
-Affordably priced so you can give a style to each of your forms, perfect for different areas of your business!

Check out a few demos of how you can go from this:

To these:

The design possibilities are unlimited!!

Sample 1
Sample 2
Sample 3
Sample 4

What do I do now?
Purchase and install the MachForm software from (or
through us)
Purchase the amount of
editors you’ll need from kimtown at just $10 per editor or buy in bulk with a discount (1 editor per form)
Fill out the agreement (link on the checkout confirmation page)
kimtown will install the editor in the appropriate folder you designate
kimtown will send you your login info for the editor
You style (add your header/logo, change your colors, add a background if you wish and embed your code using the code generated by your machform software) and you’re done!

Stolen images posted on pornography site!! Check for your images!

There is a new site that has surfaced, a couple of child pornography photographs and several pro photographers shots. You may want to check this site for your photos.

****CAUTION**** There IS nudity (some extremely offensive) on this site.

I have reported this site to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and also filed a complaint with the domain host at (copy and paste into your browser, it’s not linked)

Garage Sale finds for the Boutique!

I gathered up the kids yesterday morning and we went garage sale hunting. The kids LOVE doing this and I love a good bargain.

I came across a lady that distresses furniture and found some wonderfully wonderful pieces for $20 (and a frame for $1)! At another stop I got a hand made, very strong, solid wood shelf (perfect for my bottle finds) for just $5!! The last wood shelf that needs some painting and distressing I picked up at our last sale for just $1.

So here are some quick snaps on the new diggs!