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It has been crazy busy since opening the boutique & studio in downtown Waynesboro. I’ve been slacking on several fun things we used to do on the blog and I hope next year I’ll be able to hire someone to do those fun things for me 🙂 In the mean time, let’s have a fun give-a-way!

Up for grabs is a SY! Editor by kimtown!

Finally, have complete control over your splash page without touching a single line of code!

The well known and loved SPLASH YOURSELF! Kits now have an awesome backend editor, optional slideshow and unlimited design possibilities!

All you need to do to enter to win is leave a comment below and tell me how you have been busy this summer! You’ll be entered to win and one will be given away this afternoon 🙂

Check out the samples:
Full Background Sample

Tiled Background Sample

Standard Sample

Check out the editor:
Editor Video

Design templates/skins coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: UNLIKE THE OLD SPLASH YOURSELF! KITS, this editor is installed on your server by kimtown (this is NOT a downloadable product) Your server MUST be running PHP5 or greater. PHP4 is not supported.

FAQ: Do I need to have a kimtown SPLASH YOURSELF! Kit in order to use the editor?
ANSWER: NO! The editor is completely independent of the original SY! Kits. ANYONE can purchase this editor to use on their website!

Opt-Out from receiving Firm Offers for Five Years

Do you HATE getting credit card solicitations in the mail? Insurance solicitations? If you are like me, you want to rip them up and mail them back to the sender (in their prepaid envelope of course). Luckily, there is now a way that you can remove yourself from all these mailings simply by filling out an online form. But, it’s more important WHY you’ll want to remove yourself from these mailings (other than wasting trees and being a nuisance).

I was watching a talk show this morning ( can’t remember which one, the Today Show maybe) and the gal on there was discussing ways to SAFEGUARD YOUR IDENTITY. Of course, I didn’t think about all these mail solicitations being a quick way to steal your identity.

You can now unsubscribe from these “Firm Offers” for FIVE YEARS by using OptOutPrescreen.com

Here’s the scenario:
You get this “junk mail” out of your mail box, toss it out with the trash (along with any other bills etc that you forgot to shred) and go about your business. Meanwhile, Joe Schmoe is watching all of this take place and decides to go fishing in your garbage can. Inside he finds a credit card statement, an old hospital bill that lists your social security number (or lists the last 4 digits of one) and that credit card offer you just chunked. Joe Schmoe now becomes Jane Doe (stealing your identity) and ruining your credit.

It’s MUCH easier than you think. Which is why you should be SO careful with anything that contains sensitive information.
-Social Security Number
-Maiden Names

What you can do RIGHT NOW to ensure your identity stays your own:
-SHRED SHRED and SHRED (did I mention shred?) all bills, receipts that you no longer need, checks that are no longer used, bank statements, doctors office documents (often contain your SSN especially if you are military) and all credit card offers.
-NEVER give out your SSN or personal passwords for any reason unless you are 100% sure of where that information is going.
-DO NOT accept any million dollar cash advances from Zimbabwe’s King,or any other king, organization or person who is offering you millions and billions for someone that just died or is wanting you to inherit the world. Remember the old adage…If it’s too good to be true, it probably is. Email scams are a HUGE business. Yes, I said business. Hundreds of thousands of people fall for these schemes every year.
-Use common sense. If someone calls you on the phone and requires your SSN, date of birth, mother’s maiden name or other sensitive piece of your life puzzle, get THEIR information and either call the company directly (find the info on their website) and/or research your caller to find out the scoop. Credit card companies, phone companies and the like already have your information on file, so there is NO NEED for them to call YOU to ask you this information.
-If you use a PUBLIC COMPUTER, make sure you “log off” of any accounts, emails, facebook, yahoo, bank accounts, etc. It’s even a good idea to clear the browser’s cache that you are using so the next person that gets on the computer can’t see where you’ve been.
-If you are using your credit card online, make sure the browser address starts with https:// This ensures you are using a secure encrypted connection so your information is not transmitted freely over the air waves.
-NEVER send your information in email that is unsecured. Thieves can intercept this info and it’s all downhill from there.

Treat your identity and credit for what it is…GOLD. It is your lifeline and your security. Stay on top of it and watch it like a hawk. One of the easiest ways to do this is to use a monitoring service like Equifax 3-in-1 Monitoring

If you have other ideas on protecting your identity and keeping your info safe, feel free to add a comment below! Thanks for reading this PSA 😀

WordPress Wednesday {WP Easy Uploader}

If you don’t know how to ftp (or care to learn) or move files from your computer to your server to share with the world, then this plugin is for you!. Photographers…do you want to upload your pdf forms for your clients to download? (Quickly and easily?) Oh yeah, this plugin is for you. Hey coach! You want to upload the game schedule to your blog for the team to download? This plugin is for you!

It’s been a while since I’ve posted about a great plugin I find. Well, that’s because I’ve not really found any just “GREAT” plugins lately! However, I did come across one that I just absolutely love and recommend all the time. WP Easy Uploader. It was developed by the fabulous Chris Jean.

  1. Download the plugin HERE (or if you are on WP 3.0 or higher, go to “Plugins” {in your admin panel}, “Add New” and search for WP Easy Uploader)
  2. Upload the entire wp-easy-uploader directory to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory
  3. Activate the plugin through the ‘Plugins’ menu in WordPress

Here is a step by step on how to use this:

(You can choose your destination if you’d like, but it’s probably best to just leave it as the default “Uploads”)