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I cannot wait to show you what’s new at Rice Studio Supply

Artisan Portrait Cases

While on a recent trip to India, I found a village in Rajasthan where craftsmen have been making paper since 1590. Today, they make papers of 100% recycled cotton fiber gleaned from India’s textile industry. I immediately recognized this paper could be a vast improvement over the mass produced and increasingly expensive virgin wood pulp papers used for much of our packaging.

Dajana and I returned to India this summer, meeting with craftsmen to design our new boutique line of 100% recycled photopackaging which we will brand “Eco Chic”. The first product, Artisan Portrait Cases will arrive by late October.

The Cocoa Artisan Portrait Case will come in 5×7″, 8×10″, 8×12″, 11×14″, and 16×20″ sizes. It may be preorder now.

Cotton Rag paper is naturally acid free, making it safer for your prints and safer for the environment.  The natural deckle edge makes each handmade sheet unique. Long cotton fibers allow our thick stock to fold without cracking or tearing. The paper is strong, yet soft to the touch. Cotton absorbs dye well for a deep, rich color that won’t rub off on your hands. Each sheet is made to our specifications of size, thickness, texture, and color. Surprisingly, this superior quality, archival product will cost no more than the our current mass produced items.

Other products in the “ECO CHIC ” line will include CD Sleeves and Folios, Album Boxes made from Artisan Paper, plus creulty-free leather Presentation Folders and CD packaging. Watch for updates.

At RSS, we try to feature recycled packaging whenever possible. We estimate this switch to recycled Artisan Papers will save 72 mature trees each year.

Cottage industries like papermaking are an important part of rural developement in countries like India. Access to world markets allows workers to receive a fair wage and year round employment so their children can attend school instead of having to work.

ECO CHIC – Packaging that is good for your prints and good for the planet. Exclusively from Rice Studio Supply, Inc.


MyTimeline Facebook Headers – New Product!

With the addition of that wonderfully large space on your Facebook profile, are you left wondering what you should do with it? We have the solution! Introducing “MyTimeline Facebook Headers by kimtown”. These templates are fully layered for Photoshop CS. You can change colors, move things around, update images and text as you need to.

Simply put your pics in, flatten and upload! Easy peasy!

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We also offer custom facebook digs…visit the shoppe for more info.