Wall Guides and Print Displays are now available!

Show your clients why an 8×10 is NOT a wall portrait!

This full size, print comparison chart is fully layered in photoshop so you can add your images to show clients not only the size difference but also where their image will crop. Includes areas for your investment information and room to spare! Use as little or as much of the template as you’d like if you offers different sizes.

These prints are fully proportionate to each other for accurate representation. This could be printed at full size of 150″x80″ to show all prints at full size, sized down to show respective sizes or even smaller to display on your website or marketing materials. It’s full size to allow you to do anything you need!

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5 Fully layered, Fun and Different Wall Layout Guides for Photoshop CS+!

These templates are awesome! Real wood floor and whitewash baseboard. The wall is on a separate layer so you can change the color to suit the image or your client’s walls!  Clip your images right to the included mask! Templates also include all standard size prints on their own layers so you can duplicate and add to the collections shown!


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