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Content writing strategy is more important today than ever before, especially in light of recent ranking changes by search engines. Google’s Panda and Penguin updates targeted content quality, and the search giant has made it abundantly clear that a website featuring excellent information will receive priority rankings in search results.

Do I Need an SEO Content Writer?
Many website owners seek out an experienced SEO content writer to provide high-quality text that does not offend search engine criteria. Web content writers should be brought in at the early stage of any website design to ensure they have current knowledge of the site’s content needs.

The webmaster will want to carry out an effective content writing strategy that includes the following:

  • Research – Keyword popularity, competitive use, ranking in searches
  • Blogs – Easy to read with informative content
  • Call to action – This brings home the bacon when done right

Website promotion is highly important; without viewers, all is either in vain or for vanity’s sake. A website that features optimization is in the best position to draw in visitors. While visitors may find your website using common search engines like Google or Yahoo, using site submission in bulk form increases hits just by extending the reach to consumers. Promotion done carefully on social networking websites is another way to reach millions of potential visitors. Some social media sites, like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube, are seen by more than 900 million visitors each month. It is an extremely low-cost and effective way to achieve site promotion.

What Is the Most Important Feature of Content Writing?
Content writing should strive for sheer relevance and value. Website submissions should include keywords that point to the main topic or relevant articles. If you have keywords that bring in visitors but your content is poor, they will feel their time has been wasted and leave, likely never to return. Do not keyword stuff!

Set yourself up as an expert about the subject you are promoting. Site submit informally to the public by guest posting on related website blogs so you become known as that expert resource. Strong backlinks that aren’t spammy are good. Anything remotely resembling spammy content will cause problems with search engines; they will rank you lower or refuse your submission attempt.

Remember that your content website is a reflection on you and your company. You may only have a few brief seconds to grab a visitor’s attention, so quality design, videos, article content and layout should all be a part of your content-writing strategy. You can submit your site to a search engine with the best of intentions, but you’ll continue receiving poor results if your website-writing strategy is not conducive to acceptance by current search engine criteria. You don’t need a lot, but what content you have needs to have value and be grammatically correct.

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