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Often times I can look at a website and immediately imagine what I can do with it. This was one of those times (love when that happens). I worked with this client before on another project for his own business and now worked with him on this project. I LOVE repeat clients!

The Natural Health Foundation (NHF) is an international non-profit organization originally established in The Netherlands in September 2003 following an international conference devoted to new developments in cancer treatment. The NHF supports research and education efforts toward helping the medical profession better understand the usefulness of light-based therapies and other innovative methods that may improve cancer treatment outcomes.

This site aims to make awareness about new therapies and treatments for cancer. Feel free to visit the site and learn about these innovative ideas.

Natural Health Foundation
Natural Health Foundation


The client wanted a web site that was brighter, more eye catching, easier to read and follow and that was overall more dynamic and pleasing to the user. This site utilizes HTML, PHP and a lovely home page javascript slider!

Let’s take a look at the site before…What an improvement with the new site! The client is pleased and another business has made their mark on the web.

Before Site Redesign

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