Cozy up to our new LIKE Page on Facebook

I still find it weird to say “Like” us on Facebook. I got so used to saying “BECOME A FAN” us that it’s just throwing me off.

So for the rest of the week, I’m working on making our new page a little more cozy. Our old page had almost 2k fans and then I deleted it. Why? I really didn’t think it helped, but you guys proved me wrong. I got several messages asking what happened to our page so I decided to put it back up and start over.

For every 100 fans likes we get, I’m going to give away something fun! So today, as soon as we reach 100 fans likes I’m giving away  a SPLASH YOURSELF! EDITOR!!!

This is the ORIGINAL splash page editor! Don’t be fooled by imitations 😉 (but we are totally flattered)


Here are some (a very few) great samples of our editor in use:

Little Hatchlings


Stehvn Tesar Photography


Kimberlee Edwards


Tera Windfeldt Photography


Asher Images


Kreative Kids Partyz

Kori & Kate NEW Pricing Wizard! WIN ONE NOW!

Kori and Kate is a team of two women; Kori a graphic artist & designer and Kate, a senior portrait photographer. They combined their talents to create Kori and Kate; a design and Photoshop template resource for photographers.

But their latest product is a far cry from anything design related. They’ve created a pricing tool that will take away all of the blood, sweat and tears usually involved in figuring out your pricing strategy.

Follow the yellow brick road to the Photographer’s Pricing Wizard, where they are giving away two FREE copies to our followers.

This is no ordinary Wizard. It’s the close your eyes, click your heels together and repeat “there’s no pain in pricing” wizard.

Never again will you have to do the math yourself! That’s not a typo folks, it’s true! The Pricing Wizard does all the math for you. Even a scarecrow can use it.

As long as you have access to the costs your lab charges for the products you offer, you in like Flynn!

The Pricing Wizard is a Microsoft Excel based tool. It works on a Mac and a PC, but you must have Excel. (Numbers and Open Office are not compatible.)

The first working tab on the Wizard is where you list your individual products and their cost. There are approximately 75 pre-loaded products with costs to show you how the Wizard works. These can be typed over or removed and new items can be added as needed.

The Collections tab is where you build the collections or packages that you offer your clients. Select the items you include in your collection and change the quantity to the right number for each item. The Wizard does the rest! You’ll quickly see the costs, retail, profit and margin for each collection as you build and change them. Each time you edit the collection, it automatically recalculates instantly.

Simply change the Collection name to whatever you use in your business. It will update on all the tabs within the Wizard, like magic.

The Wizard also tracks your projected sales against your actual sales for both Collections and à la carte items.

The last feature of the Wizard is to bring visibility to your current pricing and how it compares to what the Wizard calculated for you. The pricing on the left hand side is what the Wizard calculated. Change the Current Retail pricing on the right hand based on what you currently charge your clients. The Gross Profit, Margin and Mark Up are automatically calculated. You can quickly see how your current pricing measures up.

If you want to see the full instruction guide for the Pricing Wizard, click here. If you’d like to win a FREE copy of the Pricing Wzard – follow the yellow brick road using these steps to enter and WIN!.

  1. Visit the Kori and Kate Facebook page and “like” them.
  2. Post a comment under the kimtown logo on the Kori and Kate facebook page as to why you’d like to win the Pricing Wizard.
  3. Two winners will be randomly selected based on the comments received under the kimtown logo on the K&K page.
  4. All comments must be posted within 48 hours. Friday night at midnight is the deadline!

Here is a list of the most FAQ that we receive about the Pricing Wizard.
Does the Pricing Wizard (PW) work on a Mac and PC?

Yes, it is compatible with both, but you must have Microsoft Excel 2007 or later.  Many retailers including Apple sell a Mac version of Microsoft Office.

Will the PW work in Apple Numbers, NeoOffice or Open Office?

No.  The only software that can use the complex formulas and calculations are Microsoft Office 2007 or later.

Do I need to be an expert at Microsoft Excel?

No.  In fact, the PW is essentially a plug and play tool.  Minimal Excel knowledge would be helpful, but is not necessary.

Can I customize the list of Products that I offer?

Yes.  The PW is pre-loaded with approximately 75 commonly sold items, but you can type over them and add new items as you need – with a maximum of 250 individual items.

Can I change the formulas?

No.  The PW is protected to prevent the formulas from being disrupted.

Is it true, that I don’t have to do any Math when using the PW?

Yes!  The PW does all the math for you – it’s a glorious thing!

4th Annual Golf Tournament Raffle $500!!

This is the York County Black Golfers Association’s 4th Annual Golf Tournament Raffle with a top prize of $500!!!

1st Prize $500

2nd Prize $200

3rd Prize $100

A ticket is just $5 and all proceeds go to the YCBGA. You do not need to be present to win.Drawing will be held Saturday, July 24, 2010.

You have two ways to enter…

Send $5 per ticket AS A GIFT (this is a donation) via paypal to You MUST send this as a gift through paypal to avoid any paypal fees. If it’s sent regular your payment will be returned and not entered.


Make a purchase of $100 or more in the kimtown Shoppe OR The T Boutique shop and be automatically entered.


*You will NOT be added to any mailing lists (electronic or mailing) by suppling us with your email and mailing address. kimtown does not share your information with anyone other than the YCBGA.

The winner of the December Holiday Blowout Bash is…

“This image reminds me of my business. I have only been in business for two years and I feel like a little girl looking up to the bigger girls in the industry. I have so much to learn and look forward to the future. I feel like this little girl has an expression that says “one day I wanna be just like her.” As I feel like that a lot of times when I see a wonderful image from a well known photographer but I know we all have to start from somewhere. I am still on the ground level and trying to work my way up while having lots of fun and meeting a lot of nice photographers.”

This is one of the most inspiring images we’ve seen in a long time…when you pair the explanation with it, it’s just magnificent. Please join me in congratulating Angela Singleton of A Single Photo. Angela is the winner of the December Holiday Blowout Bash Contest!!! Congrats!

Here is her winning image:

When I grow up, I wanna be...
When I grow up, I wanna be...

Thanks again to the amazing sponsors that helped make this contest happen!! Here is everything she has won!!!