New BLOG for Change Masters

I really enjoyed working with the folks from Change Masters! Congrats on your new blog with podcast feature! I can’t wait to follow the posts!


About Change Masters:

Founded in 1986 by Tom Mungavan …


Tom spent his career dealing with change. He started with IBM in the 1960’s when computers were new to businesses. He transitioned from being a Systems Engineer to a Marketing Representative dealing with multiple industries. He became the national leader for retail computer systems supporting what is now Target Corporation. He joined his customer to implement total revision of systems for one of their divisions.

Tom started Change Masters in 1986 to help organizations implement new strategies and rapid change that made sense. He soon found he was spending over half of his time helping individual leaders make personal change needed for the organization to effectively change. Individual coaching became the primary business in the 1980’s before coaching was “cool.”

Based on Tom’s strong strategic, systems and management experience a very powerful coaching process was developed and tested against the demanding needs of executives. At that time, only the top executives in large companies were using executive coaching.

The processes needed to be very efficient with executives’ time, demonstratively effective, and confidential. Those strong characteristics are still in play today as the use of executive coaches has expanded. Today, our clients are high-talent executives, middle managers, professionals and technology leaders. We serve 150 organizations nationwide, including over twenty of the Fortune 500 companies, as well as medium and small companies, partnerships, and non-profit organizations. We have coached over 2,000 executive and professional clients over the last two decades. We have a significant number of international clients and the percentage continues to grow.

We focus on the individual and the environment they operate. We are very effective at tailoring to needs of people with a wide range of backgrounds including minorities, women and foreign nationals.

Change Masters® specializes in leadership communications for individuals and teams. We have had tremendous success with our clientele. We have captured many of the valuable lessons learned in a book called “Seeing Yourself as Others Do – Authentic Executive Presence at Any Stage of Your Career” to be able to help more people be more effective and increase their enjoyment in the workplace.