VENDOR SPOTLIGHT – Mamique Designs

I have never really been in love with a baby wrap designer person, but I am in LOVE with Mamique Design’s wraps. These are the most beautiful wraps I have EVER seen.

Mamique Designs, Ltd. has been creating unique newborn photography props since 2008. Mamique Designs is celebrating its first anniversary this month and you’re invited to join in the celebrations by participating in the contests and taking advantage of the sale. Ewa, the owner and designer, carefully handcrafts each item out of exotic, and often hand spun and hand dyed fibres. Her look is predominantly simple and classy, but she does throw in some bright and colorful items to spice things up from time to time. Her work has been enjoyed by many talented photographers including Kelley Ryden, Raye Law, Kerriane Brown and Stephane Robin . You’re in for a wonderful visual experience when you visit her shop at

VENDOR SPOTLIGHT! Snaptotes for ProPhotographers

Snaptotes offers AMAZING products for Professional Photographers. Handbags, Wallets, items for men, women and children! I watched Snaptotes, on a forum I belong to, for a little while to see how they handled customer questions, ideas, concerns and the like. I  must say I was extremely impressed at the professionalism, the interest and enthusiasm about the product and the company in all situations. The feedback was positive and the reviews on the products exceeded my expectations.  As always, professional photographers can receive samples at 50% off to help get you started with a product line for your studio!!! I recently spoke with Chris Ng Cashin about Snaptotes products and asked if he could give us more insight into the program for Pro Photographers. I also added some sample pics of my favorite products in the Snaptotes line!


The Messenger Bag

Men’s Dopp Kit

The Gigi (Leather Collection)

Luxury Leather Grand Bucket Bag


SnapTotes puts photographers in the handbag business

SnapTotes is the largest photo handbag manufacturer in the world with its own factory and customer service facilities serving thousands of photographers in the United States, Canada and around the world.

Photographers are able to buy custom photo handbags from SnapTotes at discounts as orders from their clients come in. They are able to “brand” their handbags with their own logos on their images, and there is no SnapTotes labeling on the bag or shipping materials which creates a gift that is truly “studio branded”.

The SnapTotes product line has 26 base styles and a myriad of options. Bags can have one or two sides printed, different liner colors, and a choice between microfiber and leather trim. Photographers like the range of choices because it allows them to offer products and gifts to their customers in a price range from $25-$200.

Because SnapTotes controls both its factory and customer service, it has the best service and delivery times in the industry with the latest cutoff dates around holiday periods and a consistent 2-3 week turnaround time for the bags from order date to delivery.

Here are what a few of our ProPhotographer partners have to say….
“I received my purse today and I LOVE it!!! It is so beautiful and I cannot wait to show it off to clients to start selling them. I know they are my own children on this bag but it is so awesome that I cannot stop looking at it. My husband who could care less about purses even loves it.
Thank you for making my first purchase with so wonderful. I hope to sell many purses, wallets, etc. to my clients.”

Laura Hauser
Toddlerazzi Photography

“I got my 10 bags last week and WOW!!!! They are dElicious! I am so in love with them, I have had a ton of compliments everywhere I go.
Everybody wants one. What a great thing to promote my business. The bags are beautiful, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!”

Denise Coghill
impressions by denise

“Just wanted to send you a quick note to let you know how happy I am with my bag!! It is gorgeous and the quality of the photos has surpassed my expectations! I can’t stop looking at it! 🙂
Thank you!”

Christine Herr
A Moment in Time photography

If you are a professional photographer and are looking for the perfect add-on for your business, go to to read more about the program and complete a simple application. From there, getting started is a snap.

My NEW Mary Kay rep…Vendor Spotlight

Welcome to the VENDOR SPOTLIGHT.

This is where I will give a shout out to a vendor that I love (and you will to)! 

Before I was married I used to wear Mary Kay makeup every day in the corporate world. When I got married, and my husband encouraged me to become my own boss FULL TIME, I quit wearing makeup. I never really “needed” it he said, so I didn’t bother. I always thought make up made you look polished and professional and THAT’s why I wore it. Since I am moving to a new town and would like to become a resource for the people there, I recently purchased all brand new make up from my NEW Mary Kay rep, Andrea Recla. Now when I move and visit potential clients, I can have that polished professional look again! Thanks Andrea!! She was SO FAST once my order was placed and has EXCELLENT customer service. Andrea would be a great resource for those of you that purchase make up for your Senior Reps or Headshots. She’s also offering  $10 off below!!


Hello, my name is Andrea Recla. I am 23 and married to the best man in the world (or at least I think so). I have a beautiful 8 1/2 month old daughter named Kaylee, she is the joy in my heart! I started my Mary Kay business about 3 months ago and I absolutely LOVE it. It gives me the flexibility that I need to be a stay at home Mom while providing our family with a little extra income to get by in these harsh economic times. The products are absolutely wonderful and as far as business goes, most of the work is done for you 😀 


I am also an administrator for the Phaunt Forum (, this is where I met the fabulous Kim! She is beautiful and talented a like. She recently just purchased some Mary Kay products and I am so excited to hear what she thinks about it. I would love to offer a $10 gift for all of her devoted readers, all you need to do is register on my personal webiste here: and mention the famous Kim Townsend in the comment section for $10 off of your purchase