How much does it cost?

We used to use a “flat rate” system but found that not every project should cost the same…some are simple and some are more complex. We would love to give you a quote based on your project needs. The prices in the shoppe are starting rates and is what is required to begin your project.
We accept all major credit cards through Paypal or we can manually put in your card over the phone. If you would like an alternate payment method please feel free to contact us. We do not offer payment plans at this time.

Do you offer phone consultations?

Phone consultations regarding your site plans and design are available with Kim Townsend. However, due to the volume of requests for consults, the fee for the phone consultation is $75 for up to one hour of time. This fee will be deducted from your design fee if you decide to commission kimtown on your new project. If you do not choose kimtown for your project this fee is non-refundable.

We do offer phone consultations, if we feel they are warranted, to discuss and/or clarify any details during the course of your active project. It is not customary that we provide phone consultations. Most projects are communicated perfectly through email and is better documented to ensure nothing is forgotten or overlooked.

How long does it take?

Normally, we strive for a turn around of approximately 30 business days for completion (this excludes weekends and US holidays) from first design concept to working order on the web. This does NOT include the waiting time if we have a waiting list.
Please understand that this is an ESTIMATED time frame only. Building a custom design is a very detailed process, from start to finish. We design, code, test, fix and get everything just right before going live with your project.
We work on projects on a first-come-first-serve basis. Our estimated turnaround time may fluctuate and change depending on the amount of client projects we have in our queue. We do not begin ANY design without payment and agreement. Our turnaround time does not indicate how long it takes for your project, but rather is based on the amount of active projects we currently have. Once you commission your project and complete your agreement, you are placed in our queue for completion.

Do you offer RUSH services?

Due to the current demand for our services, we only accept rush jobs with a 50% markup of the full project cost. This increase will cover the amount of additional time we will work in order to complete your project sooner than our standard turnaround time.

I don’t have a domain name or hosting. What should I do?

The great thing about working with kimtown, is that we offer domain name registration AND web site hosting. You can view that on our HOSTING SITE.

What is the process?

Once we receive your payment and the design agreement, we will place you in the queue to begin. Please check with us on the current waiting list.

A draft is created and emailed to you for input, feedback and/or approval. A maximum of three design revisions are included at no extra cost. The original mock up is created based on the specifications that you have provided to us in your agreement. The additional revisions can either build on what we’ve designed, or you can request a completely different look if you feel that one doesn’t achieve the look you are after. In order to keep revision costs at a minimum, you’ll want to be as SPECIFIC as possible when filling out the agreement. Instead of saying “I like such and such website,” you should say, “I like the blue background and two column layout of this website.” That will help us tremendously when designing your project.

We then tweak the design from there and create a working copy of the design. This is sent for approval and/or feedback.

Once the design is complete, your old posts, pages etc are imported from your current blog.

Each page is then created according to your needs, social media is implemented and any other features are added at this time.

If it’s a blog+site your galleries are added and the site is turned over to you!


What is a splash page?

A splash page is an html static page that your visitors first see when going to your site. This page allows them to have a choice of how to navigate your site via html or flash (if you have them), or the option of visiting your blog, myspace or other links on your page.

It can include an image or small flash show as a sneak peek of what’s in your site. I do not recommend putting huge flash shows or design elements that are slow to load your page. Splash Pages are designed to enhance your viewers experience, not hinder it.

Why do I need one?

If you have more than one site to share and showcase your images and news, it’s a good idea to link them all in one place!

A splash page does just that!
In addition, flash websites are not FULLY accessible by search engine crawlers and therefore you may not be listed in the search engine results (Yahoo, Google, MSN. etc).
A splash page allows text and keywords to be searched by the crawlers so your page will be listed when those keywords are searched for.
We do not guarantee search engine placement, but a well written html page will assist you in search engine listings.
We do not provide SEO, but can make recommendations.

What do I get?

We design and build a custom splash page for your site, using your images and my creative design, upload it to
your server via ftp, verify it is in working order and make minor changes, if necessary, for 5 days.
We will work with you to create your dream intro page. The psd release is available on certain splash pages for a nominal fee.
If you are interested in this option, please let kimtown know before beginning the design.

What templates are you able to work with?

We can work with just about ANY template or custom site out there.
We do not change anything in your site or current splash page, We simply create an html page that introduces your site and lays over your site.
Please note these pages will not work for SmugMug or PhotoBiz accounts. We will not be able to load your page in SmugMug if you have your site with them. PhotoBiz does not have the capability of a custom splash page at this time.

What if I see an element I want to use in my splash page?

If you find an element, brush, blend, border, paper, layout or the like that you wish to use in your page, you must have commercial rights and/or permission from the owner to use them.
A credit will be placed on the bottom of the page for usage when provided. We are not responsible for any elements, images, text and the like on the final output of your page.
Please make sure you have proper permission to use it. You wouldn’t want a client taking your images and using them without your permission.

How often can I change the image(s) on my splash page?

Once your project is loaded to the web, we consider your project complete. If you need to  make any changes after that, it’s just $35 per revision. If you have our SPLASH YOURSELF! Editor, you can change everything at any time without contacting us.

If I have the knowledge, can I change the images on my splash page myself?

It depends on how your page is created. Sometimes three images can be one image and your buttons are created separately (and that would be super easy to swap if you know a little coding), and sometimes the layout is created, sliced to create areas for separate links and then laid out on the page in tables and cells. More often the links and images are mapped right on the page. If you do know a little coding and are comfortable with making minor changes, ask me about purchasing the psd files for your splash.

There is also the option of the SY! Editor (SPLASH YOURSELF! Editor). If you are interested in including this with your custom splash page design, please let us know BEFORE beginning the design.

What is the typical turn around time?

This depends on how quickly you send me the goodies we need to start your page and how many revisions you have. It can range from 1 week to 1 month. We work very hard to get your page exactly as you want it before we take it live. We typically have a 3 month waiting list, but once the process is in motion, it doesn’t take long to get you up and running.

Do I have to pay for your wig after you’ve pulled your hair out due to my wishy-washiness?

Yes, it’s $29.95 per follicle…Just kiddin! Never worry about asking to change things on your page. As a photographer myself, I understand the importance of a first impression. You have less than 7 seconds to impress your potential clients! You have the opportunity to make 3 revisions to your splash page. After that, it’s only $25 for each additional revision and will be billed prior to activation.

What do I need to do to get started and What do you need from me to get started?

To get started on the design (after your payment is made and the agreement is turned in), you would need to send your images (no more than 900pix wide) that you might want to use and your logo (with a transparent background) for me to design a preliminary layout.
The initial layout is just an image; It doesn’t have any clickable links or text, it’s just a layout of what your page will look like. You will make revisions from this or accept it as it is. We will work on text and link layout and take your page live.

What if I don’t know what I want?

We love free reign. We can suggest what we think would work best for your page based on your style of photography in your portfolio or by your “wishes” listed in the agreement. Many people don’t know what they want, but only know what they have seen. That’s ok too! It gives you ideas on how you feel you want your page. We work with you until we get your page perfect! If you DO know what you want and you have designed it in PS, feel free to send the psd file too!

What happens/cost when we get a new website but want to use the same splash page?

When you get a new website and just need to change the link on your splash page to point to your new site, it’s just a $35 revision cost.

What happens/cost when my splash page is deleted or overwritten?

If you get a new site and your splash is deleted completely or is overwritten, there is a reload fee of $50. All files are archived to save space on my ever shrinking hard drive. It takes more time to search for your records, un-archive them and do the necessary steps to reload everything in working order.


What is a blog?

A blog (or web log) is a great tool to keep your clients informed of special news and updates. You can provide sneak peeks of sessions and even hold contests on your blog. If you are looking for a beautiful, easy to use blog then wordpress is the way to go.

kimtown includes the following elements in the standard blog packages:

wordpress blog database creation

wordpress database upload and installation

custom blog header (flash or static)

custom blog background

custom wordpress theme for your blog

overall custom look for overall cohesiveness with your branding

links and page creation up to 5 of each (you can add more later if you’d like)

import your current posts from typepad or blogger (please inquire about other blog types)

all plugins necessary for backup/SEO and for your design

Looking for a blog and a website all in one? kimtown offers the convenience, ease of use and functionality of wordpress and adapted it to look and feel like a website. A blog can be so much more than just a blog; it can also be a content management system…introducing blog+sites! These websites look and operate just like a standard website, but come with the ease of a wordpress admin area. kimtown can transform any blog to into a blog+site!

kimtown includes the following elements in the standard blog+site packages:

database creation (on your server/host)

wordpress database upload and installation

custom header

custom background

custom look for overall cohesiveness with your branding

minor updates and changes to existing web pages for 5 days, subject to certain limits. (additional changes billed at the current revision rate.)

links and page creation up to 5 of each

5 image galleries with up to 20 images (you can add unlimited galleries and images if you’d like)

all plugins necessary for backup/SEO and for your design

import your current posts from typepad or blogger (please inquire about other blog types)

instructions on how to update your site (if you need them please request)

full online support and training included (if you need them please request)

Will you customize my current theme?

We create our own themes for your project, therefore, we do not customize themes already made. We know our themes inside and out and this makes our project creation and upgrades/tweaks later, easier and less time consuming.


What is a Favicon?

A favicon is that little icon next to your website address in the address bar of your browser. It is technically called a “Favorites Icon” and was originally created to be able to easily identify a specific site in your favorites folder. A great add-on for your branding.


If you have questions not listed here, please do not hesitate to contact and ask!