Richard A. LeBouff
Top qualities: Good Value, On Time, Creative
“We have relied on Kim to help us with a website for our restaurant. Her quality of work, professionalism and attention to detail has far exceeded what we expected. I wouldn’t hesitate to call upon her for our next project!”

Hannah Cook
I LOVEDDDD my personalized welcome!!!!ty for the timeline. It looks great, I LOVE IT!

Danelle Wagner
KIM is AWESOME to work with! She TOTALLY put up with my million questions, requests,etc…and did a FANTASTIC job on my website/spalsh page! I HIGHLY recommend her!! She rocks!!

Amanda Anderson Matthews
Amazing work!

Tammy Shindle-Bella Salon and Spa
I give kimtown 5 stars! She’s has done a wonderful job redesigning our website. She put all my thoughts and ideas together and created exactly what we wanted.

Jessica Stiles Dittmer
I’ve worked with Kimtown on many of my own projects as well as in partnership for others and Kim knows her craft, is friendly and keeps me organized and running. She knows how to put my designs and visions into functioning websites, splash pages and e-commerce shopping sites. She stays on top of what is new and interesting in order to offer the best to clients for what they want and THEIR clients would want to see and use.

Jamie Schultz
I couldn’t be happier with Kimtown Studios! Kim has completed a variety of projects for me including three blogs and a client site. Her attention to detail and excellent customer service is very much appreciated. I would highly recommend her services!

Keri Doolittle Photography 
The style-editor was easy to use!! I was able to make a banner with my logo and contact info and put at the top of one of my senior forms. The video-tutorial was excellent, walked me right through everything. Thank you!

Amy Hoogstad
Kimtown is amazing! I worked with the vast majority of Kim’s products/services and am very happy with everything. I love that there is a good level of customization on the customer’s end so I can change things as I want and need, as well. Thanks for all your great work, Kim!

Randi Greffeuille
I adore my Kimtown splash page and website. It is so easy to update and navigate. Kim is a dream to work with….she has unending patience for people who ask ALOT of questions. Not that I am one of them 🙂 That reminds me I need another website…

Becky Jester Breedlove
I ♥ my Kimtown website! I get compliments all the time about how simple yet professional it looks. Easy to read and navigate for my clients, and easy to customize for me. I also have a Splash Yourself and it’s awesome as well. Thank you Kimtown!!

Amy Hoogstad
I ♥ Kimtown! Everything fits together perfectly, the backend of the sites are easy to use and they even have hosting now! It is so wonderful to deal with just one company that provides all my web presence needs. Thanks, Kimtown!

Kayla Renckly
Kim is incredible to work with. My HTML site was up and running within days of purchasing it. The interface is so user friendly and the support/customer service is phenomenal. It is so customizable and looks fantastic! I also have a Splash Yourself Kit and I LOVE it!

The Splash Yourself Editor is AMAZING! It was installed within 24 hours and I very quickly figured out how to utilize it because it was very user friendly. My only tiny request is that there be an option to activate the new splash page before it removes your old splash page. I should have realized that would happen but it was kind of shocking when my splash page was gone and I had to hurry and create a new one. However, it was SO quick and easy to create a new one that this wasn’t a huge deal.

Lew Everling
I just have to say this is my first website from Kim, holy cow was it ever easy to work with, update, and she is so fantastic! I loved it so much that I just bought another! Have an awesome week, looking forward to a long relationship of goodies with Kimtown!

Great products, excellent service and Kim is just really great to work with!!

Melissa Abbey
I couldn’t resist the great deal I got for a website template from Kimtown. Though my brother-in-law strongly encouraged me to stick to the design I had, I wanted something more standard to the photography industry and as a JSO, the Freedom template was perfect.
I’m no web designer and with this template, you need not be! The template, instructions and youtube videos walked you through the entire process. If I could’ve worked continuously on just setting up this page, it would’ve taken me less than a day and it was so easy! If I had any questions, Kim was prompt in returning my emails.
Kimtown’s website template provided me with great flexibility. I’m able to stamp this with my personality and add pages as necessary.
Thanks for everything Kim!

As I was just getting started in business, I used a ‘typeface’ logo for a few months. Then I discovered Kimtown – it was one of the best business decisions I have made thus far!! She was timely, thorough, and perfectly captured the essence of my business in my new logo.
I”m currently putting together all my marketing material for next year, and am LOV-ING my new logo on everything!! So professional looking, definitely helps kick things up a notch!

Sami Calkins
Kim is amazing. Her work is incredible and on top of that, she is easy to work with and is very nice. I’ve known her a long time and have watched her business grow. She’s never changed, her customers have been treated like you would treat a good friend. I love working with her. Do not hesitate to invest money for your business with her. She is trustworthy, honest and very reliable.

Elle Zober
Aside from the fact that her designs are AWESOME and the customer service is fantastic! You cannot beat the prices at KimTown – simply amazing! I have the Splash page – which I paid to have customized and looks AWESOME! Several story borads and textures. She’s great to work with!!!!

Shannon Atchley
Kim was amazing to work with! I love my new splash page and I have nothing but good things to say about the experience. I highly recommend Kim.

Kori and Kate
Kim has been such a joy to work with!! She is kind, attentive and very helpful throughout the whole web design process! She is also very detail oriented and was able to pinpoint problems we had not even noticed. Best of all, we are thrilled with the custom e-commerce blog she created. It is user friendly for our clients, and VERY EASY for us to update, change, and customize!! We are all around thrilled with Kim and her services and products!! Thank You Again Kim!!

Marie Leslie
I bought two websites and two “splash yourself” kits from Kim. The sites were ready for me to customize and activate within a day and it took me less than an hour to install my two splash yourself kits. I was able to have my new sites up and running within a day or two of deciding. the instructions were very clear and easy to follow and her customer service was awesome!
I will definitely be doing business with Kim in the future.

Niki M
What a treat to work with. I have been wanting to change my splash page and glad I chose to work with Kim! It took me forever to get my pictures to her, but she was very prompt and my page was LIVE within a week!! Awesome!! Would work with again and again!!

Susie L
I ordered a splash page from Kim and I love it! The turnaround time was great (even though I took forever to get her my info.) I was struggling to get my new blog put together (and I needed it for the link on the splash page)…as a last resort, I looked again at the “shoppe” in Kimtowne to see if Kim offered blog theme loading help. Sure enough, she does! It was well worth the price; there is no way I would have figured it out on my own, I had already spent a few days trying…she got it up so quickly and I am thrilled.
Thanks, Kim, for your patience with technologically challenged me! I don’t know how you do it, but keep it up!
I highly recommend working with Kim!

Jodie M
I adopted an orphaned logo from Kim’s Logo Depot. The value was amazing! Kim tweeked it to match my business colors and fonts. The turn around time, communication and customer service were fantastic. Thanks for sharing your talent with us Kim!

Shelley Castle
I ordered a splash page and blog header on clearance from Kim. The product & service I received was amazing! I am so “In Love” with my new look and style of my site. Kim’s products will definately create an image for your company that will give you recognition over competitors! Kim was everything a professional & friend should be which is a rare combination in business. I think she understands her clients needs and then far exceeds that.I would highly recommend her to anyone!

I feel extremely fortunate to find Kim and her fabulous talent. She has created a splash page for me and most recently, a client information site. I find her VERY easy and patient!! I would HIGHLY recommend Kim and her expertise. She is FAB!!!

Manuella Pararas-Hulbert 
Kim is simply fantastic, simply wonderful, simply awesome!! She took my site and my blog and turned it into something beautiful, something that I love to look at everyday. I love the look so much that I want to show it to everyone and am just so proud that I can say Kim did my site/blog. I feel lucky to have found her and will refer her to everyone I know, she ROCKS and she’ll make your site/blog (whatever) Rock too!
Lots of Love and thanks.

I love my new splash page and blog header! Kim did it so fast, and as super easy to work with. I would highly recommend her to anyone!

Kim is AMAZING! I had a very specific vision for a custom splash page. Being the control freak I am I wanted to design it but knew I needed help getting to do what I needed it to do. That’s where Kim came in! She totally got what I wanted and made it happen fast! I LOVE my splash page and having Kim make all the technical stuff work was sooo easy! Kim has a great way of working with picky ‘creative’ types. I totally admire that she is able to handle both the creative and technical aspects of this kind of work. I highly recommend Kim and Simply Splash for all your design needs!

Kim recently did some blog updates for me and they are great! She was SO quick and SO responsive and SO easy to work with – truly gets what it means to provide great customer service. She also has a creative eye and really helped me nail the final look i was going for! Thanks Kim!

Shelly Keefe
Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Good Value
“Kim’s designs are amazing! I love all of her work and recommend her to anyone who is in need of her services.”

Kim is amazing! (and, she has a great sense of humor to boot) I used the “splash yourself” kit and Kim did all the technical applications for me as far as getting my page up and running. Great product, and awesome customer service!

Sheri Grippo-Titus
Kim was SO great to work with. She was super quick and very responsive to what I needed! Her work is fabulous and I am so happy to have found her.

Jody Cooper
Kim did a great job on my new blog header! She was so patient with me, and worked well with me when my programs were giving me such a hard time. I highly recommend her!
Jody Cooper Photography
New Mexico

kristie kulik
I worked with Kim on a new website for my “day job”. She was awesome to work with, and so very patient with some of the silly requests my boss had for her. She has a great understanding of what is appealing to a customer, and translates it well into her sites.

I worked with Kim to create a logo for my new Baby and Tot Yoga business – Blossoming Yogis. I have always created my own designs and websites and wanted to get a fresh approach this time. Well, that’s exactly what I got!
I would very much recommend Kim – she is very easy to work with and seems to really understand what you need. Her pricing is also very reasonable.

Kim was so patient with me. I changed directions on her a couple times, and she was always positive and helpful. I am so impressed with her design, it’s like she was reading my mind!I can’t wait to see how my Blogsite will look!!

Season Moore
Great experience with Kim! I went through several blog people/companies that were slow to respond and not getting the job done and Kim had it ready in less than a week. She is very sweet and easy to work with. Give her a shout!

Kim was fantastic to work with. I had no idea what I wanted and she was very helpful and patient! Easy experience. Highly recommend her!!

Kim was very easy to work with, even with a procrastinator like me :-). She took my ideas and suggestions and put them together into a splash page that fits me and my studio brand. For the service she provides she’s worth every penny! I’d highly recommend her to anyone who asks.

Natasha Tessier
Kim was amazing to work with and extremely helpful!! She had my splash page and blog up in no time and was very easy to work with. Her communication was amazing!! Thanks KIM!!

Tera Windfeldt
Kim is very easy to work with and provides excellent customer service! She got my splash page, blog header, and favicon done quickly and just the way I wanted. And making a few changes was a breeze.
Highly recommend her services!

Ana Brandt
Easy breezy. She was quick and it was just what I needed. Will be hiring her again!

Christy Key
Kim is one the most wonderful people to work with! She is patient and kind and will listen to what you want. Customer service is #1 with her.

Kami Laux
Kim was an absolute pleasure to work with. Her design was exactly what I wanted. She worked with my requests plus added ideas of her own to make a perfect splash page and blog header for my needs. THANKS KIM!!!

Alethea Simpson
Kim Rocks! I looooove my new splash page and blog header! She listened and did exactly what I wanted So easy to work with and such a sweetheart!

Bobbi Webre
I absolutely love Kim!! She offers top notch customer service, not to mention a top notch product. You will not regret buying one of her splash pages!!

Claudine Jackson
Everyone should have a blog header ans splash page designed by Kim. I absolutely looove mine! Kim designed mine to my exact specifications and exceeded my expectations. Within a few days, my website was showing a huge increase in hits! I should have had one sooner…what are YOU waiting for??

Peg Yarbrough
Wow, what can I say, Kim and Jessica Dittmer are the best! They did such a great job on designing and linking my site, so efficient and fun to work with. I highly recommend their services to anyone considering a custom splash page. You won’t be disappointed. Oh, and did I fail to mention patient :).

Kim has made this process so much easier than I ever thought! I am so not computer savy, and her patience and kindness were so appreciated. I would definitely recommend Simply Splash to everyone with a website!
Thanks Kim!

Kristen Simpson
Kim Rocks!!!!! She was so patient with me & always responded right away whenever I emailed her. I love me splash page & blog header. What a great experience it was working with her!!!

Erin J. Photography 
Love my new header! It was amazing how ME it was without Kim ever having met me! I will definitely use her again!

Kim was a breath of fresh air to work with! Always sweet & kind and super fast to respond to emails. She is also very patient, as I procrastinated a bit and she never got irritated. She was totally open to working with me on my design & I love it!

Kim is the best! This is my second time working with her and you better believe I will use her services again. She is so talented and so patient with me and my poor computer skills. Thanks for everything!!!

I LOVE my new Splash page… I had really no idea what I wanted.. I gave Kim a few words to describe me and voila, I loved my first design!!! thanks so much, I couldn’t be happier!

Kim is awesome to work with. Answers all of my stupid questions. I know I can e-mail her anytime if I have a question.
She did everything to even loading it herself for me.

Shelby Lane 
I love love LOVE what Kim created for me! I really didn’t know what I wanted, but I knew what I didn’t want. I’m kind of the customer you don’t want. But the very first design Kim showed me was absolutely perfect. The communication was fantastic, her design was beautiful, and she was SO FAST. Thanks, Kim!

I wanted something simple for my blog header that was not too overboard. Kim did an excellent job and I love it. Great customer service and I would highly recommend her to anyone. Thanks Kim!

Wow! Love the splash, blog header, favicon Kim made for me. She is so very talented!! She finished my design very quickly and it was just perfect for me.

Shannon M
Kim was great to work with! Super nice and very professional. She had a proof ready the next day after I paid! Very fast results and listens to what you want. Highly recommend…

So fast and great designs…my splash page will ALWAYS be made by kim!

Kim did a great job! I know she was super busy with a lot of orders from a group buy, so I was surprised at how fast she finished my page! She paid attention to the details I requested and did a wonderful job.

She totally rocks!

Kim is amazing!! She is so creative and gets the job done correctly and fast!! I’ll use her over and over again!!

Kim is fantastic, and has been really helpful! She’s always been available to me through Yahoo messenger, and is super quick with responding. She has gone above and beyond what she said she would do, and has been really friendly about it. I’m really happy with my experience with Simply Splash!

Mary Basnight 
Kim has been so easy to work with and the most patient and kind professional too. I honestly have not been without making my mistakes in getting info and forms back to her…..and she always answers me back with “thanks hun” which I find to be such a relief! I can’t wait to (a) refer her and (b) work with her again.

Kim does amazing work and is SO sweet. She listens to what is said and changes what’s needed. Amazing stuff, and I’ll go with her for all my splash needs!

Mandy Gould 
Kim was awesome to work with….she always made it a point that she would not be happy unless I was 100% pleased with my splash page. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was totally happy and I have to say that I am!!! Thanks so much Kim!!!

Lori Woodney 
Kim is fantastic to work with! I told her what I was looking for in a splash page and blog header and she NAILED it on the first try!!! She was patient and helpful. She took care of loading the favicon, splash page and blog header for me.
Highly recommended!!!!

I can’t say enough great things about Kim. I knew I would love my splash page, but when I viewed the final product I had tears in my eyes (yes, I am a sap)!! I absolutely love my experience with Kim. She is personable, but yet professional. I give Kim ***** (five stars)!! Snaps for Kim!!

Stacey Crescitelli 
Kim is amazing! She made the whole process 100% painless & happily worked with me until I was in love with my splash.
Her customer service & easy going manner made her the perfect designer. She also makes me laugh:) If you need a splash, she is your girl!

Kim is a super person through and through. Her CS is top notch, and she goes the extra mile to make sure you are satisfied. She has QUICK turnaround and awesome designs. I will definitely be using her again for my future design needs.

Kim is awesome to work with! Her customer service is fantastic and she responded to all my e-mails within a few hours if not minutes. Her design tied in with my logo perfectly and I couldn’t be happier

Lori Barbely
Kim is simply the best! Fast customer service, great design, and just plain all around fun to work with!
Thanks again Kim for making this such a great experience!

Kim went out of her way to give me a design that fit my personal style. She responded quickly to all of my questions and I love my final design!! She was wonderful to work with and provided great customer service – thanks Kim! You are so talented!

Cristy Nielsen
Kim rocks! I can’t say enough about how patient she was with me and my ignorance about design and understanding what would work and what wouldn’t with my splash page. She put in a ton of time making it perfect for me and I’m beyond thrilled with the end result. Since going live she has also gone above and beyond helping me with other random technical issues with my site, designed a logo for me, and jsut been wonderful. I told her I need to put her on my payroll for all the time she has spent working with me. LOVE LOVE LOVE her!
Thanks Kim, seriously woman you freakin ROCK!

Kim is AMAZING! She is SO creative! Kim has the best customer service ever. She is so friendly and sweet! She responds to emails and questions very quickly. I am simply amazed with my splash page and blog header! I can’t help but just stare at them and smile. Kim understood my syle and vision and gave me the design of my dreams! I couldn’t be happier!
Thank you Kim! You ROCK!!

Kim did a FANTASTIC job on my splash page!! The final product is awesome, but the process was even better!! She is SO much fun to work with! I have made a new friend and received a fantastic splash page. How can you beat that??

Kim is amazing! She was fast, awesome to work with and gave me exactly what I wanted! I was amazed at the turn around time – she is so quick and efficient and SO TALENTED! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I will recommend you to everyone and anyone that is looking for the services you provide! KIM ROCKS! And I LOVE my splash page, favicon and blog header! Thank you!

I hired Kim to design my splash page and I’m absolutely thrilled with it! She is extremely easy to work with – I highly recommend her.

I just got my new splash done and I LOVE IT! I am probably the most indecisive person on the planet and the very first link she sent me was IT! She was so easy to work with! I would recommend her a 100times over!! Awesome job! Thanks Kim!

Kim is amazing to work with. Great communication and she is so fast. I would work with her again in a heartbeat. Could not be happier.

Randi Markowitz 
Professional, talented, patient, reasonably priced are just some of the words I have to describe working with Kim. It was a pleasure to work with her and I love the splash page she did for my husband’s business.
She is very responsive, and answered every question I had in a timely fashion. She is true to her word and talented…what more could you ask for? I recommend her highly, and will recommend her to anyone I know that has a website. She rocks!

Katie Parker 
Thanks to Kim from Simply Splash…she was just wonderful I did not know what I wanted or how I wanted it …..she took over and I love what she did …..THANKS

Julia R 
I asked for the world and got the universe with this woman! I wanted flash on my splash page. I wanted a flash blog header. i wanted a favicon and Kim delivered 10-fold. She worked patiently with me and was always there to contribute design ideas and help with overall opinions, plus she is just a kick of a girl. So nice and always there when you need her. She responds to every e-mail and is always available.
Her work is gorgeous. We brainstormed together and came up with a flash design idea. She would implement and then we would go back umpteen times and tweak it till it was perfect for me. Everything is neat, clean and very professional. Everything she does is absolutely worth the price and most other design companies would charge hundreds more for the quality and consistency of the type of work she does. Simply Splash is company worth it’s weight in gold and I will be a client for many, many years.

Kim F
Kim is honestly the sweetest, most accomadating person I have ever worked with. Not only is she super sweet, but she has an amazing eye, and superior design skills. Her portfolio says it all, but her clients will give you the heads up on what an awesome vendor she really is. I LOVE my splash page, AND my new logo! Thanks Kim!!!!

ONE EXTREMELY HAPPY and COMPLETELY satisfied customer here!! Kim was so kind and patient with me while I kept asking her to switch out images (my fault, I didn’t like my own images)
anyways, her customer service is one of the very best I have EVER experienced with ANY company period!!!! She came up with my dream splash page and it looks fabulous!!!
I will be singing her praises to EVERYONE I KNOW!!!!
I LOVE my splash page!!!:) Woohooo!

Yet another very satisfied customer!! Kim was awesome to work with and she was patient during my “idea” ramblings and design changes ….she created exactly what I saw in my mind. She simply was incredible and removed the stress of me trying to figure out all the mumbo-jumbo coding myself. I was freed up to focus on other things which is very valuable. I would highly recommend her!!!

My splash page from Kim just went live and I LOVE it! She was very easy to work with and understood exactly what I was looking for. She responded very positively to the few changes I requested. She was very quick, too! I would recommend her to anyone!

I just went live and wanted to drop by and give my two cents! Kim was so great to work with – very professional and quick. I am very indecisive and had a hard time transitioning and making up my mind. Kim always responded with things like “no problem – it’s my pleasure to work with you” and never made me feel like I was running her ragged (though I knew I was – haha).
I’d recommend her to anyone interested in splash design. She took it from the start and I love the end result.

Lisa P
I was lucky enough to stumble across Kim recently and have since commissioned not only two splash pages from her, but two blog headers as well. That’s how pleased I am with her work. Customer service is top notch too.
By the way, she designed my pages as well as writing the code. All I provided were the images. I had complete input the entire way through the process and highly recommend Kim to anyone who needs a clever, creative, knowledgeable person to implement or change anything web based!

Michelle L
I found Kim through ProP’s. She was so great to work with. Once I was ready and sent her my photos, ideas and logo she had a BEAUTIFUL 1st draft back to me in less than three days. Each email was super friendly and replied with in less than 24 hours some much sooner. Once we made the final revision my page was live in a couple of hours. She answered all my questions and really brought my splash page to life. I would definitely recommend her to anyone and plan on using her services again in the future. I am a very satisfied client.

Kim has been wonderful to work with. She is timely and creative! I have had nothing but positive from her and consider her my friend forever for all the work she has put into my site. I’m not launched yet (waiting on .org) but I can’t WAIT to show it off! She was so patient with me trying to ‘learn’ how to do the actual site. She helped me every step she could and if it was something out of her control, she lead me to the person that COULD help me.
I would highly recommend Kim and her services!
Thank you,

Tracy W
LOVE my new splash page from Kim!!! She is so easy to work with, very professional and has wonderful customer service.
I would HIGHLY recommend her services to anyone wanting to have a professional Splash page done.
Kim was very patient with me as I took a while to decide on my photos and what I wanted to say about my business. I thank her so much for that. I wanted my Splash to be just so and to reflect my style and it completely does.
Great job, Kim! Thanks so much!

Jessica Hughes
Kim is awesome to work with. I told her what I would like and she created the perfect splash page for my website. LOVE IT!! I highly recommend her to anyone that would like to impress their clients.

Lisa S 
Kim is AMAZING! she worked patiently with me designing exactly what I wanted. She worked very diligently to make sure the design was something I loved and Kim went above and beyond to make my Splash Page Perfect. She is talented beyond belief. If you are even considering doing a splash page, Kim at Simply splash should be the only one you consider!

I cannot say enough good words about Kim of Simply Splash! She has beautiful work first of all and her customer service and the knowledge that she has about the entire industry is outstanding! Kim helped me to “re-create” my website and has really given me something to be excited about when going to my site. She is soo patient, (since I can have a ton of questions) and she is so willing to help with anything. I hope we get to stay in contact for some time. She is simply fabulous!

Wow-Kim totally rocks. She is creative and intuitive. Plus you can’t beat her turnaround time. If you’ve been putting off designing a splash page yourself, give her a call.

Kim implemented my designs into splash pages just like I wanted and did an excellent job and was very fast and easy to work with.

Traci Farias 
Kim is absolutly WONDERFUL!! Both her customer service AND her work are amazing. She is so creative and patient. I HIGHLY recommend her!!

Jill Stenglein 
I can’t say enough about Kim Townsend’s designs and her SUPERIOR customer service!! She is so gifted with creativity you can see it reflected in every one of her splash pages—have her design yours–you won’t be sorry!!

Amy G 
You will love working with Kim! She has great customer service and is super nice to deal with. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for in a splash page and she helped me figure out my style. : )

Thank you for all your help and patience designing my splash page. I love the way it looks.

I can’t say enough great things about Kim and Simply Splash! Personable, super fast at getting my page designed and up, the BEST customer service…! She took my description of what I invisioned for my splash page and it was up in just a few days! Thanks so much Kim!

Teri Fode 
I HIGHLY recommend Kim and Simply Splash! She designed my splash page and not only am I very happy with her talent and design sense, but her professionalism and patience as well! I had MANY changes—really things I didn’t know I would like/not like until AFTER seeing them and through it all, she was patient, professional and FUN! Thanks again Kim!!!! I’ll be back!!!

Kim is wonderful to work with. She was quick and did a great job on my page. She has awesome customer service and went above and beyond what I would ever expect with how helpful she has been. Thanks again Kim!!

Her customer service ROCKS!!! She is so patient with such an indecisive person as myself. I Love my splash page, clean and simple, just like I pictured it.

Lori P 
Kim was wonderful. She listened to exactly what I wanted. Even when I didn’t know exactly what my “vision” was – she created it perfectly! She went above and beyond my expectations ! I wish all companies had customer service like this.
My new page is so “me” and I LOVE it !

Kim just finished my splash page. She is lightning quick and super easy to work with. She immediately figured out what I wanted and within hours had everything done, including a bunch of stuff I hadn’t thought it. When I thought of a couple of other things after the fact, she got it done right away and was super nice about it. I am a “PITA” client and she never let me know what a pain I really am.

Ditto to everything that was said above! I had Kim working on my page during one of my busy crazy kid weeks, I was away from my PC for most of the time, and she still made it all happen. She’s patient and a dream to work with, and a graphics rock star! You can’t go wrong!!!

I highly RECOMMEND Kim from Simply Splash..she is quick, available, patient, creative, and very easy to work with. I gave her a few word description of what I may like- and poof the next day she had a sample whipped up! I love my splash page and have received a TON of compiments on it.
Thanks Kim!!!

Kim is the best. She was really fast, easy to work with, and she istened well to what it was I wanted in a splash page. I will certainly use her in the future!

My experience with Kim from Simply Splash has been phenomenal!!
She took my splash page design, and kicked it up a notch! Then she optimized my searchability, set me up at multiple places, and took care of every last detail, down to the T. She is super knowledgable, fast, and communicates with you in such a friendly and fun manner. She is on top of it all, and I am so pleased I came across her and all she has to offer.
I was so happy with all Kim had done for me, and the way in which she carried it all out, that I actually paid her DOUBLE what she charged me!

Louisa L 
Out of all the comments I get on my website, people LOVE my splash page! Kim was amazing. Whatever I wanted, she could accomadate and was happy to do so. When I had issues ftp’ing it she took over and handled it for me no problem. Then…a month later or so when I had delted my splash page by accident and didn’t notice – she HAD noticed! She emailed me and asked if I needed more help? Best customer service ever.

I will be the first to admit that I am not too smart when it comes to splash pages/web design or anything of the sort. I needed some assistance with updating my splash page. Kim was so gracious to lend a hand to help me. She was so patient with me and she did it all in just a few minutes! An amazing talent!

Kim did a marvelous job on my Splash page! I totally love it! She’s a pleasure to work with, very accommodating and worked with me to make a page that fits my style. Modifications were a breeze too. She wanted to make sure I was totally in love and happy with it before making it go live. And she even ftp’d to my server for me. She made it a smooth process from the planning in the beginning to the finish at the end. I highly recommend Simply Splash for all your splash page needs.

Pam M 
Kim is “simply awesome” to work with! She is very fast and pays attention to customer service. I love my splash page–it’s clean, simple and loads quickly–just what I wanted! I highly recommend her!