Client Information Sites with Communications Combo *SPECIAL*

Client Site & Client Communications Combo!

kimtown has partnered with TK Business & Design to bring you an AMAZING package!

The Client Information Site  coordinates with your current branding and site for a seamless feel.
These pages use the text provided  by TK Business & Design neatly laid out in an easy to use site.
Easy to update and customize yourself as your needs change. 

Client Site Includes (pages CAN be substituted):

  • Database & Install
  • (Up to 10 Pages including)
  • Home Page
  • About Page
  • Up to 5 external Links (site home, blog, contract etc)
  • Policies Page
  • Pricing Page
  • Proofs & Ordering Information Page
  • What to Expect Page
  • What to Wear Page
  • Payment Information Page
  • Contact Page

I can also integrate your FP Viewer and Machform Forms right  into your site!

With the Client Site, you’ll also get the Communications Combo!

Client Communications Combo Includes:
•    Access to view Tennille King Photography’s exclusive Client Site
•    All wording in the Client Site (set up in a document for easy copy/paste)
•    Investment Guide – (6) psd files (and the sample jpg files that is used on TKP site)
•    Session Guide & Order Guide – jpg samples of what Tennille King Photography’s uses with rights to use the wording
•    Workflow Spreadsheet to track the stages for each client (includes the stages Tennille King Photography follows)
•    Wording for emails sent to clients through the workflow process

We feel a Client Site is an important communication tool before and during the session process.  Our clients appreciate having all of the information they need in one place – without having to keep track of paperwork (We are as paperless as possible), and without searching through various emails to find the information they need.  It’s convenient, simple yet detailed, modern, and helpful.

In addition, you will see that some of the information is repeated in different areas of the Client Site.  We need to “train” our clients to follow our policies and procedures, so repetition helps.  There are some policies and procedures we want the clients to be prepared for in advance, and then we share this information again at the appropriate time to reinforce the details.  Tennille has protected this site for two reasons.  First, she wants to guarantee that only scheduled clients have access to this information.  Second, she wants the password protection to add the “exclusive” feel to the information.

She has also included the psd files that she uses to create the Investment Guide (the pdf format that clients can download).  All of the wording is shared through the Client Site; however, providing this layout in psd format will allow you to alter and create your own without having to start from scratch.  You can also view the wording for her Session & Order Guides.  Feel free to use this wording, brainstorm from it, or create your own.  In addition, she’s included a spreadsheet for her Client Workflow to give you a feel for the process she follows with her own business, and the text for some of the emails she sends to clients throughout the process.  She often adds a personal note to these messages.

Please note: You are welcome to use or brainstorm from her pricing structure if it fits your needs.  You should never copy someone’s pricing structure just because it works for him/her.  You need to evaluate your own business to determine the most profitable pricing structure.

Client Communications Combo with Client Site – ($350 Regularly)



The Winners are…

Traci Hoopingarner has won FIRST PRIZE in the FEB/MARCH contest. She wins her choice of a WEBSITE!!!!



Second Prize goes to Jennifer DeCesari who wins a CLIENT INFORMATION SITE from kimtown



Third Prize goes to Kayla Renckly who wins the beautiful Ink Pen Elegant Album Template by Jessica Dittmer




Please claim your prizes within 30 days. Email Kim at entries(at) to claim your prizes 😀