About Business Cards

In this economy, your business card is so much more than just a card. It’s the connection between you and your potential clients. It’s food on your dinner table. It’s your livelihood. 

A couple of things: Try to avoid glossy cards (they are difficult to write on). Makes sure you use a font that is EASY to read. It’s a good idea to list your website address or at least the services you offer, if you don’t have a web address (and if you don’t have a web address what are you waiting for??)

I did a little research on unique cards that will surely get the attention of your potential clients! As always, kimtown can be commissioned to design your one of a kind card! 

-Does it HAVE to be the generic 2.5×3.5? NO! Break away from the pack and get yourself something UNIQUE! The NARROW cards are becoming a big hit, especially when they are GREEN! Rounded corners are a nice touch too!

Make a great first impression with eco-friendly business cards from GreenerPrinter and show everyone you’re as passionate about your image as you are about the environment. Now available with rounded corners!

-Go SQUARE or even CIRCLE! Some AWESOME cards at GREAT prices were spotted at PREMIUMCARDS.NET Here is what I found:

The Square-

The Square Business Card is one of best sellers and very popular in the photographic community for its square shape lending itself to fit both vertical and landscape portraits without wasted space. Comes in 16pt card stock and is printed on both sides. Your choice of Full Coverage Gloss Coating, Full Coverage Gloss on the front only, No Coating on the back or a Smooth Matte Finish.

The Cocktail Card – 

One of the hottest business cards on the market today. This high quality business card was designed with the cocktail meeting in mind. The card is 3×3 inches and is printed on a premium 16pt card stock. Comes with 1/2 inch radius rounded corners. Your choice of Full Coverage Gloss Coating, Full Coverage Gloss on the front only, No Coating on the back or a Smooth Matte Finish.

The Cosmo Card – 

The Cosmo Card is a simple but clever Circular Business Card with the same pincipals in mind of the Cocktail Card. It is a 3 inch round business card, printed on 16pt card stock and finished in your choice of Full Coverage Gloss Coating, Full Coverage Gloss on the front only, No Coating on the back or a Smooth Matte Finish. Your price includes printing on both sides.

There are several other styles, but these were my favorite 😀 Check them out!


-If you really want to stand out and get noticed (as if the few before weren’t enough) you can check out the PLASTIC and METAL business cards I found at Plasma Design based out of the UK. They have FREE shipping to US and Canada with a plastic biz card order!












“PlasmaDesign is a world leader when it comes to the design and printing of plastic business cards. Our cards are unique. The plastic is the same thickness and size as a credit card and we use high quality inks throughout the printing process.”


“Our metal business cards are manufactured using stainless steel. We chemically etch the surface of the steel and cut through the card with incredible precision, allowing us to produce beautifully detailed designs.”





-Next I found one of the coolest sits with uber cool BOOKLETS of cards. They come in mini, large and mighty. The company is SHINEBOX PRINT

Mini Booklets
Perfect for business cards. And just about everything else that needs to be stylish and compact. Because you can make the front and back of every card different, they’re great for mini-catalogs and coupon books.


Large Booklets
It does everything our Mini Booklet does, only bigger! So it’s perfect for brochures, postcards and portfolios. Like all of our booklets, cards may either be perforated or scored.


Mighty Booklets
Our biggest booklet of all. If you have a lot to say or show, this booklet’s just the thing. It’s fifty percent bigger than our Large Booklet, so you have plenty of room to work with.



Are you off to order your business cards now? I am 😀