Difference of Tiled and Full Background explained

Many of you have asked what the difference is between the tiled background option and the full image background option of the SPLASH YOURSELF! Editor. Here is an explanation of the difference and new samples 🙂

Tiled (Seamless) Background:
A seamless background is a pattern, design or texture that covers the entire Web page. Seamless backgrounds, or seamless tiles, are small graphics, normally 100 by 100 pixels or 150 by 150 pixels, of muted or plain colors, light or heavy textures, scenic views, soft or bold designs or various other patterns. They repeat left and right and up and down to cover the entire viewing area of the background.

Full Background:
The full background is one image sized 1800x900px for our editors. This background style covers only 1800x900px but can be faded on the edges (in Photoshop) to create an edgeless background.

I hope this helps in understand the different editors 🙂

Client Showcase – Megan Parker Photography (Come leave some love!)

I always love to see what my clients are doing with my templates; this was a wonderful surprise. Megan Parker of Megan Parker Photography ordered a SPLASH YOURSELF! Kit and the Glory Be Website by kimtown a couple of weeks ago. She made this kit and site look beautiful!!

Please take a moment to leave some love about her site/splash and what a great job she did!



*I’ve had a few people ask about adding music to the sites and here is what Megan did: “Well…since I couldn’t figure out how to code the php I just added this code in the same box where I put my sitemeter code 😛 I just uploaded my mp3 to my site and then changed the file name in the code

Picture 3


*Here is the link Megan referred to when adding the music to her kimtown website