Terms of Use

Splash Pages & SPLASH YOURSELF! Editors:
You may not alter the code or design of your custom splash page without permission.
If you purchased a SPLASH YOURSELF! Editor, you may not remove the  generator link in the header. You also may not share, redistribute or duplicate for yourself or anyone else.

If you are purchasing a custom Splash Page: The content of the splash pages will be supplied by the client and fully customized by kimtown.
This page includes a custom designed splash page for your site, uploaded to your server via ftp, verification it is in working order
and minor changes for 15 days. Should you require any changes, they must be made within those 15 days.
Any changes made after the 15 day mark will incur a $35 revision fee.

Splash Page design is for ONE design and includes up to 3 revisions of that one design. After the 3rd revision,
you will incur a $25 charge for each additional revision. If a completely different design is wanted, a design fee of half the cost of the original splash page will be incurred and billed before any new designs are made.

Please note once the page has gone “LIVE” the project will be conisdered finished. Should you wish to make any SIGNIFICANT changes
a new design fee will be billed at the current rate.

Websites, Blogs, Blog+Sites:
You may not alter the code in any way without prior written consent from kimtown.
You may not move the site once it’s in place (doing so will result in broken links and violation of this TOU)
You may not duplicate the site and use it on any other domains/subdomains.

Photography Templates & Website Templates:
Please understand you may use these for your studio clients, family or friends for personal use only.
Any other commercial use is strictly prohibited.
The design, layout and patterns are copyright kimtown (fka Simply Splash).
You MAY use these for greeting cards, books, albums, on your website or blog and things of the like.
You may NOT use them for commercial design for resale, logo design, professional design, redistribution and the like.
You may NOT share these files with others.

If you are purchasing a website template: The template will be provided by kimtown and completed by the client.
This includes uploading to your server via ftp, verification it is in working order and full kimtown support. Should you require any changes to your template,
they must be made within 15 days at a charge of $75 per change.
This template is not exclusive to your site; it can be used again.
REMEMBER TO BACK UP YOUR SITE. We are not responsible for sites that are lost or overwritten. You will be required to purchase a new template at that time.

Should you wish to use these and you are not sure if it violates the Terms of Use, please feel free to contact me.

Payments for service will only be refunded within the first three days after payment is received. After 3 business days, the monies you’ve paid then become a credit with kimtown. You have 60 days to complete the agreement and provide kimtown with the necessary items (if required) to complete your project. Should you go over the 60 days, your project will be worked on as the design team becomes available. Please be aware that after 60 days, it is possible that the design rates have gone up and you will be charged the CURRENT design rate.

It’s easier to ask me first than it is to ask for forgiveness from my attorney later.

Thank you for respecting my time and talent to create these fun designs for you!