Adult Bouffant Style Surgical Hair Head Cap




Reversible, washable and can be worn 4 different ways! This 100% cotton bouffant style hat is great for all genders who have a little hair, a lot of hair or even no hair at all!

A pony tail can be added (by you) on the underside of the elastic gather to give the aesthetic you’d like if you have no hair, short or long hair! It can gather your hair and tied around the pony, or gathered and tied around the top of your head, gathered and the front flipped up and tied at the top or around the pony! So versatile AND reversible!!

Fits almost all head sizes, (children’s sizes coming soon) but if you have super long hair and need a longer bouffant area to gather your hair, contact me before purchasing this listing. 

In the comments area at checkout, please indicate what fabric colors/patterns/styles you may be interested in. I will contact you with some samples of what I have. *Custom fabrics that are special ordered will cost a little extra. 


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