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I’m sure you’ve tried to pull a hot bowl of out of the microwave, only to find it’s TOO HOT to handle…so you run for the pot holders only to realize they are way too big and bulky! A bowl cozy takes the heat away from your hands and makes them easy to carry!

These are 100% cotton fabric, cotton batting and 100% mercerized cotton thread. They make for a perfect little nest for your hot bowl! 

We use ours for hot soup straight from the pot, sauce from cooking in the instant pot (omg my fav) and of course hot bowls from the microwave. You can choose from thousands of fabric styles and they come in 3 sizes. Small (10″ shown here), Medium (12″) and Large (14″). Once your order is placed, I will contact you to choose fabric. 

*While these are not recommended to go IN the microwave while you’re cooking your food, they CAN because they are 100% cotton. DO NOT leave food unattended while cooking. But purchasing, you agree we are not responsible for any issues that arise from putting this bowl inside the microwave while cooking.

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