I Smell Children Bleached Bib – Hocus Pocus Inspired




Who doesn’t love the classic “Hocus Pocus”? In my house, it’s my favorite and I can watch it all year long! This design shares the awesome hairstyles of Mary (dark charcoal hair), Sarah (blonde hair) and Winifred Sanderson (of course the red/auburn hair)! 

This one of a kind bleached bib has the awesome quote from the movie embroidered on. Made with 100% Cotton (Black, bleached brown) AND machine washable! The design itself measures 7″x 5″.

  • Mary has black hair.
  • Winifred has red hair.
  • Sarah has yellow hair.
  • “I SMELL” is in cream.
  • “Children” is in red.

**Please note that colors on screens vary. The bleach pattern will be different every time it’s made; it’s made as similar as possible but this exact pattern is not possible. Looking for another color bib? Send me a message!


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