Information Site




Custom HTML Design – Designed with your branding in mind

These sites are perfect for informational websites that aren’t updated frequently.*

Standard on our sites:

-Valid, Semantic & Compliant XHTML & CSS

-Cross browser compatibility

-SEO Structure

-Optimized and sliced images

-Micro formats

-Relative font sizes

-DDA / Section508 / WCAG Compliance

Website includes:

Home Page
Gallery or Portfolio Page with unlimited Galleries + Images
Up to 5 Text Pages based on what you need
Contact Form

No Flash means maximum compatibility with all browsers! Even on smart phones, iPhones and iPad!

*Please note these websites do not have an admin area to update the site. The updates would need to be done in the code. If you aren’t comfortable with updating the site yourself, we can do it for you at just $35 a tweak.