Shopping Cart + Website + Splash Page




Save almost $600 by bundling these three features! 

Shopping Cart:

Our e-commerce sites allow you to sell any form of digital and/or deliverable products and services from your site securely with complete automation. Once the site is set up, the buying and the delivering of the product without revealing the real URL of the product (for digital downloads) works on its own. 


Includes Database Creation & WordPress Install on your server/host (or mine if you need hosting

Customization of Overall Layout and Blog + Site Design 

Addition of 20 products in 5 Categories and download attributes, variables (if needed) 

Support and Video Tutorials for 30 days included (if needed) 

Splash Page:

We will work with you to create your dream intro page.

The page is created within your domain root, verified in working order and any links, forms, keywords or seo items added as needed*. The psd release is available on certain splash pages for a nominal fee.

If you are interested in this option, please let us know before beginning the design. 

*We do not guarantee SEO placement. This service is a courtesy and not a requirement. If you are interested in SEO services please contact us.