Tooth Fairy Pillow, Appliqued T-Shirts + PB Quilt – Maryland Embroidery + Sewing

It’s been busy busy in kimtown! I thought I would share, with you, a few things that I’ve been up to lately!

I made a tooth fairy pillow for a little girl who has been holding on to pulling that tooth until her mom found the perfect tooth pillow! This little cutie was made! The tooth goes into the little pocket and the money from the tooth fairy, goes into the large pocket!

Tooth Fairy Pillow (click here to get yours now):

ToothPillowE1 ToothPillowE2

I still have one more shirt to add to this group, but here are the ones I’ve finished for the boys (3 cousins)!

Boys Appliqued T-Shirts (Batman and Flash):

BatmanDamari1 BatmanDamari2 BatmanDamari3 DonoFlash1 DonoFlash2 DonoFlash3

This PB quilt is beautiful! I added sweet little Easton’s name, in chartreuse,  onto it for mom.

Pottery Barn “Harper” Embroidered Quilt:

Easton1 Easton2 Easton3 Easton4 Easton5



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