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One of my most favorite things to do is make clothes; all kinds really. Kids, of course, are kinda my forte. HaHa. Most of you already know that. 

Recently, I made 12 capes for an adorable birthday party. They are reversible; yellow on the back and each a different color on the front. Each was customized with a lightning bolt and the child’s first initial. I’m thinking this mom was the coolest of the year! The little pink and blue ones were for the babies. Can’t leave them out! How cute!
Capes1 Capes2 Capes3

The great thing about this project is I got to team up with Amanda Bales with TUTU CUTE by Amanda! She made the pink, yellow and lime tutu, the NASCAR hair ribbon and I made the car tee! The mom requested a race car with flames and a matching tutu! I think we nailed it!
CarFlames1 CarFlames2

Little Miss Taylor is turning 2 and what better way to celebrate a fall birthday than with a pumpkin!

Did you know I also monogram golf apparel? Absolutely! Strutt your stuff on the golf course!
CCMGolfShirt1 CCMGolfShirt2 CCMJacket1 CCMJacket2 CCMSkirt1

MMMMM Some warm tops for this chilly fall weather.
NGEPHoodCollege SSATee1

A very special custom made apron for a very special lady!
DamaskApron1 DamaskApron2 DamaskApron3 DamaskApron4 DamaskApron5

This project was one for one of my own. My husband is a Peyton Manning fan…He is loyal to the Colts, but also roots for Denver now that he’s [Peyton]there. I gave him the best of both world with these lounge pants. Colts on one side, Denver on the other. You might remember, when I did something similar with his two shirts.
DoublePants1 DoublePants2 DoublePants3 DoublePants4

Black and White infinity scarves go with everything!
SSAScarf1 LWABWScarf

Children’s peplum top:
PeplumTop1 PeplumTop2 PeplumTop3 PeplumTop4

This was a very special dress for me to make. It was made especially for a young lady for her first day of school. She just moved to our area before school started. Her mom helped me pick out the fabric and I sent her the pattern to preview. Match made in Heaven! I even added a little “H” for her initials, on the collar. She had the best first day ever, and I hope she always remembers! Then her mom thought of another great idea! Matching dress for her American Girl Doll! Oh yeah! Her doll dress was sleeveless, but she can put shirts under her dress. SO CUTE!
PolkaDotDress1 PolkaDotDress2 PolkaDotDress3 PolkaDotDress4 PolkaDotDress5 DollDress1 DollDress2

Looking for a great gift for your bridesmaids? Monogrammed robes are a beautiful and personal way of showing how much they mean to you on your special day. A gift that will last a long time!
Robes1 Robes2

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